Top 7 Best Places to Live Abroad With Family

Posted Country Guides / June 7, 2020
Anastasia Hill

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If you are wondering about what the best places to live abroad with family are, you should look for countries with low cost of living and crime rate, as well as excellent educational and healthcare systems. Also, if the country you are interested in has a warm climate and offers a lot of outdoor activities, you should seriously consider it for your new home. So before you share the news with your friends, do some research and find the right nation to relocate to.

The Low Cost of Living Makes Spain One of the Most Attractive Countries to Move To

If you’re thinking about moving to Spain, know that maternity leave lasts approximately four months, and for the first year of the baby’s life, the mom can take an hour out of each day for nursing and other childcare activities.

The low cost of living and the free healthcare system make Spain one of the most attractive countries to move to, not to mention more than 300 sunny days, suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. When it comes to education options, Barcelona has an excellent network of English-language schools, ideal for native English speakers.

Switzerland Is a Synonym for High Quality of Life

Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations for expats. A high standard of living and fantastic nature make this country appealing both for young professionals and families with kids.

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One of the Best Places to Relocate Overseas

If you consider yourself an outdoor person, Switzerland is the best place for you. Stunning lakes and mountains are ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities, including skiing and hiking. Switzerland offers fantastic employment opportunities, so you don’t have to worry about how to get a job in Europe as an American. Also, if you have kids and are thinking about relocating here, we say – go for it! Switzerland has excellent school standards, equally suitable for locals and expats.

You don’t need to think about breaking the language barrier because English is widely spoken, so until you learn some of Switzerland’s official languages (the Swiss share their surrounding countries’ languages, plus they have one of their own), you will not have a problem communicating with locals.

Denmark Is a Happy Country, and It’s One of the Best Places to Live Abroad With Family

Did you know that Denmark is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world? It’s not a surprise considering the high standard of living and a lot of advantages, especially suitable for families with children.

A Country That Supports Parenting

Denmark’s healthcare system is organized in a way that is quite supportive of parents. When a mother gives birth, a nurse conducts home visits for the first couple of weeks to check how the newborn is eating and sleeping and how the mother is feeling. Mothers in Denmark don’t have to worry about their finances because they are compensated with the full salary for the first six months. Even fathers have paid paternity leave for three months.

However, a majority of Danish mothers return to work thanks to excellent childcare that’s guaranteed from six months to six years at a minimal cost. If you have a kid, you should seriously consider moving here, but you need to know that the personal income tax is about 55 percent, so if you are ready to share a large portion of your salary with the government, you will enjoy it here.

The Capital of Denmark is a representative of forward-thinking design and eco-friendly buildings. And, did we mention that Denmark is the motherland of Lego? Pretty amazing, right?

Canada Is Happy as Well

A universal healthcare system and an excellent educational system make Canada a great place to raise kids. So, if you are considering relocating abroad with your loved ones, if you choose Canada, you will not regret it.

A Country Ideal for the Family-Style of Living

If you want to raise kids in Canada, first, you will not have to worry about hospital bills after giving birth because universal healthcare means that all hospital costs are covered. The quality of the healthcare system also leads to a longer life. Another thing you should not worry about is education. Canada has an excellent education system, and there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ school district.

The World Happiness Report shows that Canada ranks ninth in the world. It means that not even the colder climate affects the national good mood. If you would like for your little ones to enjoy outdoor activities, a lot of wide-open spaces here, including Jasper National Park, the Canadian Rockies, and Banff National Park, are ideal for it.

Finland Is a Paradise for American Expats

Well educated and happy kids, these are the synonyms for Finland’s education system. Also, Finland tops many lists for the best places for expats to raise kids. Good enough to consider it for your new home.

You Can Work as an English Teacher

First, you should know that Finland’s cost of living is not low. However, there are a lot of job opportunities, even for those who don’t speak Finnish. A lot of private and international schools, primarily centered in urban areas, such as Helsinki, are open for hiring foreign certified English teachers. Therefore, if you see yourself in this field, consider visiting teachaway, and find out what’s necessary to start a career as a teacher in Finland.

For those with kids, paid maternity leave begins seven weeks before the expected due date and lasts for another 16 weeks after birth. Every newborn receives a maternity package that includes bedding, clothes, and other childcare equipment. The thing that’s quite impressive when it comes to Finland is the education system. Schools have one standardized test at the end of senior year, and there is no competition or ranking. Finland is also ideal for outdoor activities, such as hiking, canoeing, fishing, and cycling.

Respondents Have Said – Australia Is a Piece of Heaven

If you are looking for a country with a warm climate and a fantastic quality of life, Australia is the best place for you. Also, if you have kids, you will not have to worry about their education because here, you’ll have a wide range of schooling options.

Australia Is on the List of Top Trending Places to Live

From beautiful beaches and a warm climate to a high quality of life, Australia looks like a piece of heaven. It is not hard to acclimate here, thanks to the lack of language barrier and a large number of expats already living here. Various job opportunities and low population levels make it even more attractive. If you are moving with kids, you will not have the problem of choosing the right schooling option, as well as the outdoor activity most suitable to your needs.

New Zealand Is Ideal to Raise a Family and Build a Career

High quality of life, low crime rate, and state-sponsored healthcare are the things that make New Zealand an ideal country for raising kids. Being on the constant lookout for skilled workers, it is also attractive for those under 30, ready for building a career. Even though income levels can be lower than in some other parts of the world, the high quality of life compensates for it.

Hong Kong, a Place Where the East Meets the West

If you are looking for a place of diversity, Hong Kong is the best country for you. It is a place where the east truly meets the west, and it has a population of more than seven million people. That’s why expats are welcome here, and they are offered an advanced healthcare system, great employment opportunities, and elevated standards of schooling.

As you can see, each option is tempting, and it is up to you to choose a location most suitable for your family’s needs. So, after you pick your new home country, make sure to find a reliable moving company that provides international moving and packing services, and you are good to go!

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