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If you plan and organize the move properly, moving on a tight budget can be less stressful and pulled off. Here are a couple of tips that’ll hopefully prove helpful in achieving that.

budgeting tips

Maybe you’re forced to move in a short amount of time, without any notice, or you’re just moving and don’t have the finances to pay for everything and move out without breaking a sweat. Moving, in and of itself, is very stressful and can seem very daunting, especially when done on a low budget. But, don’t worry so much, as there’s plenty of tips and tricks you can use to make to move safely and on time without much trouble. It won’t cost you a lot of money, but will cost time, effort and plenty of preparation. If you plan properly and keep in mind the following tips you’ll see for yourself that it can be done without much hassle.

Hiring professionals or doing it yourself

You shouldn’t immediately presume that hiring a professional moving company is out of the picture for you. You might actually end up spending much more money on the move, doing it by yourself, than by hiring professionals. Research plenty of moving companies, see if you can use some of the moving services that you might need but not all, ask for moving estimates as most companies nowadays provide them for free. See what companies suit you best and don’t be afraid to try and negotiate for better prices.

Acquire moving supplies

For a safe and proper relocation you’ll need plenty of moving supplies. From moving boxes, tapes, bubble wrap etc., all of these are necessary for a successful move and the best thing is that you don’t have to buy all of them. You should first start by asking any friends or family members whom you know have moved recently for any leftover moving supplies they might not need anymore. Furthermore, you can ask for boxes from local groceries, bookstores, drink stores and especially larger supermarkets, as they have plenty of sturdy boxes that are just lying around unused.

Gather free labor

You shouldn’t be moving by yourself, and you don’t have to pay for professional packers and movers to do the move for you. Think of all the people who could help, and don’t be shy to ask for help, from anyone really, from family members and friends to neighbors and colleagues. You’ll be surprised how happy to help people are and don’t forget to return the favor afterwards.

Reconsider what you’re taking with you

Don’t forget that you should go through all of your possessions from time to time and decide what you don’t need anymore, or won’t use for sure in the future. You should especially do this when moving, go through all of your clothes, furniture and all items you won’t need in the future. You can donate these to a charity or a hospital, you can gift them to a friend, or considering your tight budget you can sell any unwanted items for some extra cash that will come in handy.

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