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Have you been thinking about living in Toronto in the near future? You’re probably wondering what your life there would look like. This diverse city surely has a lot to offer, from employment to entertainment. It has become a rather popular destination among expats for a reason. So, if you, too, are thinking about moving to Canada and making its most populous city your future home, it would be best to prepare for your new life there in advance.

Even though you don’t have to worry about breaking the language barrier for this international relocation, there are still things to think about to plan your new life. Where are you going to live? Where to find a job? What’s it like to live like a Canadian? Let us tackle these and other issues to help you get ready for your upcoming move.

It’s Challenging to Find Employment Because of Fierce Competition

Before you get to think about what to pack when moving abroad, you should think about more pressing issues, such as job hunting. Being the second biggest financial center in North America, Toronto has a lot of employment opportunities to offer. Its job market is healthy and booming, attracting many people looking for work in Canada. That’s why you should do whatever you can to beat the competition and land your dream job.

Adapt Your Resume to Stand Out

Before you start sending out applications, it’s crucial that you make it fit the resume format they use in Canada. They probably won’t even consider you if your resume is not formatted properly, so learn how to write it like a true Canadian. The crucial thing to know is to keep it short and straightforward. They don’t expect you to go into details in your resume. You’ll do that if they invite you for an interview.

Take all the time you need to prepare for job hunting because the competition is fierce.

It Can Be Tricky to Find Affordable Accommodation

One of the cons of living in Toronto is its high cost of living. It’s rather challenging to find an affordable place to live in some of the best Toronto neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking for an apartment or a house, it will be relatively expensive. Relocating to the suburbs is, without a doubt, an idea worth entertaining if you’re looking to save a few bucks. According to Numbeo, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the downtown area is $1,645.

Buying a House is Rather Expensive If You Plan on Living in Toronto

If you’re moving with kids and you’re thinking about buying a house where your family can live comfortably, get ready for steep prices. Considering the rising costs on the housing market, you might want to think twice before you invest your money in a house.

Be sure to save some money, as it’s going to cost you a lot to afford a place in Ontario capital, especially if you want to live close to downtown.

Don’t Forget That Toronto Is Huge

When you start planning your new life here, always keep in mind just how huge a place you’ve picked – the largest city in Canada. So, if you’re looking for a slow pace, you won’t find it here, at least no in the center of the metropolis. It’s crucial that you keep this in mind when you start looking for a house, a job, and a school for your little ones.

Brace Yourself for Long Commute

Even if you’re lucky enough to live rather close to your office, know that it means you’ll still have to face a long commute. The average commute is 42 minutes, making Toronto one of the places with the longest commute time not only in Canada but in entire North America. The traffic is more frustrating if you rely on public transport. So, it might be smart to consider overseas vehicle shipping and rely on your own car when you relocate.

Toronto is large, and traffic jams are inevitable when you’re going from one part of it to another.

You Can Count on Delicious Food When Living in Toronto

You’ve picked a city with a fantastic food scene. Thus, you can expect all kinds of delicious dishes on every corner. Considering that this is a multicultural city that welcomes people from all around the world, it comes as no surprise that you can find anything from Greek to Indian and Ethiopian fare.

Start Enjoying Numerous World-Class Eateries in the City

Whether you’d like to go to an expensive, world-class restaurant, a bar with live music, or find a food truck to grab a bite, you will find it there. Be sure you explore and enjoy all kinds of eateries serving a variety of culinary delicacies.

Toronto has an excellent food scene and numerous places where you can try delicious dishes in a pleasant ambiance.

Major Pro: There Is a Lot of Green Space

When you get tired of all the hustle and bustle of downtown, and you want to spend some time in nature, you can do a lot of things outside. The so-called Queen City is a perfect place for nature lovers with more than 1,600 parks and miles of trails for walking, hiking, and biking.

After a Long and Cold Winter, You Get to Enjoy Hot Summers

When someone mentions Canada, you first think of cold winters. But life in Canada is more than that. When the long period of cold winter days finally ends, you’ll get to enjoy pleasant weather from June to September. The best part is that you can spend all your free time on a beach. So, it won’t be long before you start to like being a Canadian.

After a long winter, you’ll have plenty of places where you can enjoy hot summer days and spend some time in nature, away from the buzzing downtown area.

Get to Know Toronto’s Rich Culture, Celebrate Diversity, and Become a True Canadian

You have chosen a multicultural city where people celebrate diversity, so you can be sure you’ll fit in easily. You can, of course, always find ways to keep in touch with your friends when moving abroad, but you don’t have to worry about making new friends, either. If you don’t think you can handle moving stress, be sure you rely on someone to give you a hand. It would be best to turn to experts to provide you with international moving services while you plan and look forward to your life in Canada.