These Are the Most Common Moving Mistakes – Don’t Be the One Making Them

Posted Moving Abroad / April 2, 2022
Lucy Lucas

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Relocating is a process that requires a lot of time and energy and juggling between tons of tasks. In situations like that, people often get stressed out and create inevitable moving mistakes. Knowing what the most common miscalculations people make are is going to help you prevent you from having them. To help you, we listed some of the most common faults you should remember to avoid if you want your relocation to go smoothly and successfully.

Not Preparing for the Move

If you’re stressed out about relocating, ask yourself, ”Is there a checklist for moving?” Relocation means a lot of work, and if you don’t consider preparing in advance, there is a big percentage of chances you’ll mess something up. If this is your first time relocating and you don’t know how to prepare and move efficiently, here are some tips.

Create a Moving Checklist

Not preparing a relocating abroad checklist is one of the most common relocation mistakes. A list can assist you with organizing all your tasks and figuring out what must be done. Once you write everything down, especially the crucial lessons, there is a much lower chance for you to forget something.

Figure Out How Much Time You Need

Once you write down all of the tasks you have to complete, think about how many days or weeks it’s going to take to finish them all. It’s best to schedule everything and create a timetable and start by finishing the harder tasks first. Try not to procrastinate, as this could create problems, and you’ll only end up being stressed out.

In case your reasons for relocating require you to make a last-minute move, and you have to do everything in a short amount of days, contact an international mover. Although it is more expensive to hire a mover, it’s also a lot easier to prepare, especially if you are relocating abroad alone.

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Set Up a Budget

Since you are moving internationally, figuring out how much you’ll have to spend on the whole process is going to be crucial. Budgeting is especially important if you’re relocating on a low budget. Think about which services you’re supposed to spend money on and where you could possibly save some.

You’re Not Packing Properly

Packing all of your belongings into boxes and preparing them for shipping overseas is quite an enormous task, and it takes knowledge and strategy. If you don’t give yourself enough space and don’t know how to pack everything properly, you’re most likely going through crazy relocation stress. Here’s how to avoid it.

Declutter Your Home First

Throwing all of your house inventory into boxes is not the smartest way to pack. First, you should figure out what should be packed and what can be left behind. Things that are easily replaceable, cheap, or broken don’t belong in your packages, and you should throw them away. In case you can’t figure out what to keep when relocating and what to throw away, simply rent a storage unit and declutter at a later date.

Figure out what clothes you don’t wear anymore, and you can give them away to people in need. You can find locations where you should carry your stuff on websites like GoodWill. Decluttering your house can take some hours or even days, but it’s going to assist you a lot later when you’re preparing and unpacking boxes.

Use the Right Supplies to Pack

Before you start packing, be sure you have the right supplies for it. You want different sizes of packages and containers for different things. You should get some packaging paper for fragile items since you probably do not want anything arriving broken to your new home.

If you don’t feel like preparing everything on your own, you can always contact an international moving company that can offer you packing services. This can make the whole process of relocating way simpler.

Remember to Label Boxes

Leaving outside boxes blank is a mistake you don’t want to make. It’s important you label everything, so you know what’s packed in which box. You can use markers and stickers to decorate them and maybe even color-code if you have a will for it. Also, remember to write down how many boxes you’ve packed, so nothing gets lost.

Create an Essentials Box

Preparing an essentials box is the best thing you can do for yourself during relocation. This box is going to be the first one to open once you arrive at the new place. Here you should put all of the most necessary things you or your family may need.

From personal hygiene, some food, medication, electronics, and chargers, whatever you think you may be needing. Think about all the things you should pack when relocating abroad and what you can’t live without even for a day – those are the things you should put in the essentials box.

Check Out Which Items Are Prohibited

When preparing packages for moving abroad, it’s important to know what stuff you mustn’t pack. There are certain items movers won’t move. Inform yourself which items are prohibited for shipping overseas, so you know not to put them in your boxes.

These are usually flammable and hazardous materials that you can find in certain appliances but some beauty products as well. Many things you don’t expect to be prohibited are on this list, like food and plants, so you most definitely have to check those lists out to be sure you haven’t packed any of them.

Usual Mistakes When Hiring a Relocation Company

Most people don’t like doing all the work by themselves when relocating internationally, as it requires a lot of knowledge and experience. In times like this, people almost always seek aid from professionals from an international moving company. However, errors can be made even in these situations, so be sure to follow our tips when you contact a business for relocating to another country.

Ask the Right Questions

When hiring an overseas moving company, people often don’t know which questions to ask the firm they are willing to hire, especially if they have no experience with relocating abroad. There is a lot of information you should clarify with the firm about the services they offer you as well as the overall process of relocating and your obligations. For example, remember to ask them about tracking shipment if you want to keep an eye on your belongings during the whole trip.

It’s smart to prepare questions in advance, so you don’t forget anything important. You should ask questions that can help you get to know companies’ rules and regulations and what service they can offer you. If you know exactly what you need and explain it to the company, they can create offers that suit your needs. If you’re planning on shipping cars overseas, ask them to give you information on overseas vehicle shipping as well.

Avoiding Scammers

There are plenty of companies that offer services for overseas shipping and relocating, but not all of them are legitimate. When searching for companies to help you with an overseas relocation, you have to be careful about scamming companies that represent themselves as professionals. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to be sure you don’t fall for scammers.

For starters, do some research on the firm you’re willing to hire. Check everything you can find, from referrals, reviews as well as the license they own. Be sure to call the firm and get all the information you can. This is very important because the last thing you want to happen to you is hiring a false firm and wasting money.

Conquer Comparing Relocating Estimates

After finding a reputable agency, be sure to ask them for an estimate. Companies should perform an in-home estimate and give you a quote or provide it online. It’s better not to accept the first offer or neglect asking about a quote altogether.

If you want to find the best price, be sure to compare at least three estimates. Legitimate companies should give you guaranteed prices for international relocating with no hidden fees or surprises. When you narrow your search to a few options, estimates can help you make the final and the right decision.

Not Choosing the Right Insurance

There shouldn’t be a question of whether you should or should not get moving insurance. No matter how many weeks you’ve spent organizing your move, accidents do happen, and they are often unpredictable and don’t have to be your fault. Keep in mind that your belongings will go through overseas shipping, and a lot of scenarios may happen.

When choosing an overseas shipping company, be sure to ask about the insurance they can provide you with, as there are different options ( for example, marine insurance), and you want to be sure you choose the most fitting one.

A good mover will definitely take care of your things the best they can and will be sure to give you any additional protection you ask for. So if you’re planning on moving overseas, there should be no dilemma about whether you should get insurance, as it is the best stress relief you can ask for.

You Didn’t Prepare for Relocation Day

The relocation day is important, and you should be prepared for it in the best possible way to avoid any negative situations. Here are some things to keep in mind when your relocation date comes:

  • Wake Up Early – Be sure you wake up earlier on the relocation date to have space to check everything off of your list and be sure you have everything ready. You’ll have more hours to get ready, dress appropriately, and have all of your electronics charged so you can keep in touch with friends during the move in case you need some help.
  • Have a Plan For the Kids – In case you’re relocating with kids, be sure you have a plan prepared for them as well. When movers come to your house, you probably won’t be able to look after your kids, and you don’t want them to get hurt. Make sure to box up knives and other dangerous objects and hire a babysitter or ask your parents or neighbors to look after them while you are busy.
  • Prepare Food and Drinks – Preparing food and drinks in the morning for the day is a brilliant idea. You should have some food prepared for you and your family to eat during the day in case you get hungry, which you most definitely will at some point. If you want to be a good host, be sure you have some for the movers as well.

To be prepared for this, it’s helpful to watch some videos on Youtube of people filming their relocation day. The video below will not only show you what to expect, but you will also hear some valuable tips.

Important Things Could Slip Your Mind

It’s hard thinking about tons of different things and worrying about many issues when relocating across the world. In fact, it’s very likely that something will slip your mind, so be careful that some of those aren’t important and necessary for your move. Be sure to write down all the important stuff so you don’t forget it.

Important Documents

When relocating, you’ll most definitely need to check a few times whether you’ve got all the documents needed to travel abroad. Without them, you can’t even think about relocating, so be sure they are by your side at all times.

Don’t Take Too Long Forwarding Mail

Once you notify your landlord about your move-out date, don’t forget about your mail and forward it on time. Go to the post office’s website and fill out a change of address form. You’re going to need to select if you’re relocation is permanent or temporary, choose the start date, and enter your new address.

Transferring Utilities

To transfer your utilities, you should talk to your provider once you set up a relocation date. Plan your termination date to coincide with your last day in your old home. That way the services can start on the day you enter your new place

Why Is It Important to Not Create Any Moving Mistakes?

If you’re planning a relocation soon, ask yourself, ”What should you not do when moving?”. Now that you’ve read some of the most usual faults people have during their relocation you know the answer to the previous question.

You must write all of them down and keep them in mind because these minor faults can create a lot of stress you don’t want during this journey. Once you are sure you’ve done everything correctly during the relocation, you’ll be able to start enjoying living overseas much sooner.

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