6 Things You Should Know Before Moving Overseas

Posted Moving Abroad / April 27, 2023
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Moving overseas can be a challenging start to your new life, especially if you don’t know where to begin with researching and organizing everything you’ll require for the transition. It’s a task you should be prepared for, and that requires a lot of patience and financing before moving internationally. Here are six tips you should pay attention to when relocating to a new home overseas.

Spreading your wings in search of better opportunities is always a fearless act, but it can also be unpunctual and aggravating, especially if you are relocating far away. International relocating can be effortless and thrilling, and for that sole reason, we made our detailed moving abroad checklist to make your transition easier. Good planning helps immensely and eliminates surprises and mistakes. Create a to-do list with our overview to speed up the process as the move date approaches.

# 1 Always Research the Promised Land Before the Move

Even though it could seem overwhelming, this step is essential. You will benefit much by studying the customs, politics, costs, and history of the place you are entering, as well as its laws, culture, and weather.

Here is the list of things you should know before you depart for a new homeland.

  • Climate – We probably pick a certain country because we like its weather, but be sure to do a lookup at things like earthquakes, extreme downpours, humidity, closeness to a great body of water, and what can come with it. Pack your suitcase based on all of this and save yourself some space. For example, you don’t want to move to a colder climate without appropriate clothes.
  • Customs and cultural traits – Find out what holidays are celebrated and how strongly religion dictates social standards, as this can affect how people interact with each other. Keep in mind that these are frequently the guidelines and expectations regarding how men and women should interact in different cultures. Learn about them and prevent a cultural shock.
  • Laws and order – Laws vary across the world, so not knowing the rules of your new country won’t likely save you from charges or even arrest. Crossing the street where it is not allowed or without a care for incoming traffic may not be a major concern in the area where you live but can be very serious elsewhere.
  • History and internal affairs – Each nation has its ups and downs when it comes to history – some are more complex, while some are dark. Either way, these are significant traits you should know about. Some topics are not talked about publicly or are hard to revisit, so be informed about them to avoid uncomfortable situations.
  • Expenses – Every change is a hit on our budget, but we should determine what lifestyle we want and is that affordable and manageable. Plan out and write down your monthly income to get a fair sense of how much items like meals, hobbies, and accommodation can cost. Use estimation websites to make sense of how much more or less money you will be spending monthly. This will allow you to save money and afford a nice night out or gym pass.
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# 2 There Are Some Documents and Papers You Should Gather Before Moving Overseas

Keep in mind that obtaining some of the documents needed for going abroad can take more time than you imagined. That is why it is important to start gathering them well in advance. Apart from obvious documents like a passport, ID, or visa, remember to carry over your birth certificate, university and degree certificates, driver’s license, and social security card with you, among others. Note that you should have a copy of all your documents in case something gets lost.

On that note, verify that your passport is up to date. Keep in mind that a visa is a document that requires the most time to get, so be sure to start looking up visa requirements for your desired destination.

Coordinate the timeline of your visa approval with booking your ticket because this is the second thing you will need the most time for, especially if you are waiting for the ticket prices to drop. Set an alert to inform you when this happens. Sites like Skyscanner are known for some of the best deals for flights but don’t overlook individual offers because they can give you premium deals through some side parties.

Open New Bank Account and Pay Your Taxes Before You Leave Home

Inform your bank about your departure and set up an overseas account, preferably with free access to using an ATM, as those fees can mount fast. Be sure to tell them where you are going and if you are planning to visit other places so your card doesn’t get blocked. Don’t forget to pay taxes and file for a tax return, or look at how to cut ties with your previous state so you won’t have to file taxes while you are abroad.

# 3 Find the Place to Live Long Before You Move Abroad

When you are deciding where to live, you should know there are some elements you have to consider, like available health care, transportation, and population number. You might want to try some places and decide if you’ll live in a busy city, somewhere on the coast, or in the green countryside and see what is the best suitable for your lifestyle. Set your budget and find out if you can save money to move by selling unnecessary stuff.

Some things will require you to be on the spot, like getting a contract for the rental place or buying one. Most of it will take a while, so be sure to book a hotel. If you go with buying a place, you will probably have to go in advance so you can sit with your realtor and check your finest options in person. Put everything on paper so you can make the right decision on what fits your financial plan best. These will play a major role in your move.

Start Learning the Language in Advance

Although English is frequently utilized as a second language for professional and academic purposes, you will likely have to speak the local language in everyday life, like going to the store or asking for directions. You have the option to learn from free domains like Google Speech, where you can type certain sentences and hear how they are pronounced.

Other possibilities include free software with restricted functionality until you upgrade to a premium version, language schools, perhaps even learning a language abroad at open courses at colleges, or online classes that will provide you with a step-by-step learning experience.

Check the video below for tricks and tips for learning a new language.

# 4 Get Multiple Quotes From a Few Different Movers

Read the customer’s reviews and make a summary of the firms you will consider hiring. On the website, each international moving company will include a form that can be filled out so you can get an estimate that meets your requirements. Give some basic information, such as your starting point and final destination.

Request at least three quotes on the data you have provided. To get the best deal for you, compare all the estimates that are being offered, read everything carefully and pay attention to what is included in the cost, and then get in touch with the finest international firm.

Make Sure International Movers Offer Insurance for Your Belongings

We advise you to take extra precautions in removing unnecessary moving stress from your shoulders by purchasing moving insurance to provide yourself some peace of mind with policy protection. Don’t forget that it is better to be insured than not.

Shipping overseas can be very unpredictable, and accidents may occur. You should understand how coverage functions, so don’t hesitate to ask for one more explanation of the benefits of an insurance policy. A good overseas shipping company will provide you with options or even additional protection.

There are a couple of choices to consider when choosing your insurance.

  • Mandatory liability coverage doesn’t come with extra cost, but it is minimal protection of your goods, even if you file a complaint. Only some of the damage will be covered by this policy.
  • Full Value Replacement adds extra cost, but your belongings, if damaged, have to be replaced, repaired, or completely paid for by the company.
  • If you want your valuables or even money shipped as well, remember that you should buy additional protection and be stress-free.

Be careful when you provide a full inventory list that you haven’t skipped anything and that hired movers should pack all the listed items.

Find an Alternative Option for Moving Your Pet

While getting packing services allows you to move just about anything, no overseas moving company will transport pets because it is too risky. Nobody can guarantee how long it will take the shipment to reach your destination and what mishaps may occur to your pet’s well-being.

That is why it is important to determine how long you will stay overseas. For a short absence of time, it will be a better option to ask a familiar family member or friend to look after your pet. If you are moving across the world for a while, check your pet’s well-being and ensure it has all the mandatory shots. Some countries also demand that your pet is chipped, so look for a USDA-accredited veterinarian near you to complete the necessary documents for exporting pets.

Aside from the cost of everything you need to do pre-flight, you should know that flying your pet in the carrier can be pricier than your ticket alone. Their size and weight affect how much it will cost to transport them abroad. Know that some countries don’t allow pets on commercial flights due to rabies restrictions, and this is usually followed by mandatory quarantine, which can be a deal breaker for some of the owners.

# 5 Do All the Health Checkups and Get International Insurance

When you find your destination, check if your visa gives access to local health care, and a list of necessary immunizations needed in that country, as some parts can be prone to diseases.

If you already have a health care policy, ask if it covers you while you’re abroad. Try to find information on your current therapy and if it is allowed or available in that country, so you can ask what is compatible with it or how to get it regularly while there.

Be sure to ask your regular doctor for recommendations on some extra treatments as well, as this can help prevent dangerous infections. While you are at your doctor’s, run through a yearly checkup to ensure everything is alright.

When it comes to choosing insurance, try to get ones that will get you covered in case of injury or illness and that are available 24 hours to assist you. In any case, get well informed immediately upon arrival about the whole chain of the healthcare system so that you can react appropriately in case of emergency.

# 6 Make a Checklist of Jobs Based on Your Preferences

We considered changing the environment until we realized how unpleasant it is to deal with paperwork, find a new job, or find a cheap flight. Overseas moving can take many different forms, some of which are easier than others. It usually revolves around your job applications because moving without a job is never fun. Write a list of relocation questions to ask your possible employers.

Looking to Work Abroad

You might be able to obtain visa sponsorship from your employer if you are seeking a job overseas. Mostly, you will need a job that is secured before you embark on this adventure. In case you are a talented worker in industries like technology, engineering, medicine, or teaching, some of the nations may grant you general work permits, allowing you to hunt for a job after you move safely.

Consider Remote Work

These visas are typically for workers who aren’t staying over a year, and this form of work practice is growing in popularity. If an employee works as a freelancer who can take care of their clients, some employers are allowing them to work from anywhere in the world.

You Can Try Teaching Overseas

If you are an English teacher, you have a fantastic legal opportunity while living overseas. You can obtain a work visa for several Asian nations before you even depart. Many of the advantages and pay, when combined with the low cost of living, can assist you in paying off some of your loans. You will also be able to save money and possibly afford to take a few trips and see some historical sites.

Graduate, Get a Master's or Ph.D. In Another Country

Many countries will let you stay and hunt for a job after you graduate, so this might be a fantastic opportunity to change your environment. You may be given a graduate visa by some states, which you can later convert to a work permit.

Get Ready to Jumpstart Your Life and Conquer New Places

Using our tips on how to move overseas will help you overcome the fear of leaving a familiar place. We are confident that you will quickly begin to appreciate everything about your new surroundings. Learn the local language so you can navigate your life with ease. Allow yourself a few adventures and explore all the beauty that country has to offer.

Choose the top company to handle your belongings and make your move easier. With our help, you’ll stay organized and centered, and in no time, you will be moving to a new home, thinking that this was the best thing you’ve ever done. Contact us at Sunset International Shipping if you want a stress-free move.

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