Top 5 Reasons for Moving to a New Home in a Different Country

Posted Moving Abroad / June 13, 2022
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

There can be just one reason or plenty of combined reasons for moving to a new home, but usually, they all have the same goal – a change for the better. If you’re looking to improve your financial and housing situation, work on your career or get new experiences, you’re not the only one. Here are the common answers on why do people move from one place to another. Check to see if some of them could be yours.

#1 People Frequently Move Because of Their Job

Although there are more and more digital nomads nowadays, work is on the top of the list of things that drive many to pack clothes and move. They either move without a job to a place with more job opportunities in their field, seek career advancement, or accept an office relocation.

If you plan on moving abroad alone or with your family to start a new job or even build your own start-up, be sure you’re ready for such a significant change. Don’t make any hasty decisions based on the promised salary of work conditions. Before you start making a packing list, ensure you’re entirely familiar with the city, including all the pros and cons of life in it. Not doing so is one of the most commonly made relocation mistakes.

#2 High Cost of Living Is One of the Most Common Reasons People Move to a New Home

Sadly, an unfavorable financial situation makes many look for different places that will help them save some money. When financial expenses in a current home become too much to bear, many will look for better alternatives, such as:

  • A smaller house, with more affordable mortgage installments and utility bills,
  • More affordable neighborhoods with less expensive housing prices,
  • Different cities and states that offer a lower cost of living in general,

Either way, financial difficulties are one of those motives that more often than not make relocation inevitable.

Have you moved before, or do you need yet to calculate costs of moving out for the first time? If finances are one of the motives for overseas moving, make sure that you’ve also calculated every expense required for the move, such as getting international moving services or the cost of travel and future living arrangement. Unless you’re ok with driving across multiple borders (presuming you’re not moving overseas,) you’ll also want to set aside some money for car shipping as well.

Luckily, there are plenty of relocation hacks for saving up for the move. Check some of the best in the video below.

#3 Wanting More Space Is a Valid Reason for Moving Out of an Apartment or a Small House

There comes a period in everyone’s life when their old house becomes too small to live in. Perhaps you are expecting a child and are considering moving to a larger home, or you already have children, but they have grown and need their own space.

It’s not only inside space that counts. Some look for big yards for their kids and pets to play in. You would be surprised with the number of families (and individuals) who not only move with pets but because of them!

Ultimately, you really don’t need that strong of a reason – maybe a bigger space will solely bring you more peace and quiet than the one where you currently live.

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High Costs or Too Much Unused Space – Some People Opt for Moving Because They Want to Downsize Their Home

We already mentioned downsizing when talking about financial reasons to move. However, the economic reason is not the only one. Did you know that the tiny house trend has become extremely popular, especially with millennials? Small places need some creative storage ideas but can be a lot more profitable and enjoyable in the long run.

Downsizing is also popular with the slightly older generation, who already raised their kids and watched them move away and leave the nest. Once perfectly-sized homes can become too big and hard to maintain, which is why many choose to get packing services, box up their belongings and move to a smaller space. While someone with a lot of stuff will likely have to rent a storage unit, the difference in other expenses still makes it worth it.

#4 Some Consider Moving To a New Home to Be Closer to Family or Friends

Strong family ties and the desire to be close to loved ones can persuade you to move away from the current home. Because of the support, understanding, and love they receive from their friends and family, newly graduated young professionals, for example, seek to start their new life close to loved ones.

It’s even more true when a crisis hits, which we witnessed during the coronavirus outbreak. According to a Pew survey published in February 2021, for around 5% of Americans, moving was COVID-19 – motivated. Out of that number, 17% relocated to be near family.

However, keep in mind that younger generations are not the only ones that move back. Parents want to be closer to their children and grandchildren – so they can be a part of their daily lives.

#5 Searching for a Different Scenery Is One of the Reasons to Move to a New City

Looking for a change of scenery is also one of the common moving motives. If you feel dissatisfied with the house you currently live in, it may be time to pack the belongings and relocate.

Maybe you can no longer stand the noise of the metropolis or are bored to death in the small town in the middle of nowhere. The direction of your relocation is entirely up to you and your desires – just think about where you see your life in the next five years.

Do You Fear Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone? Trying Something New Will Help You Become a Better Version of Yourself

Sometimes people seek something other than surroundings in which they are comfortable. Change of scenery can mean looking for different places, friends, and connections. It’s not rare for individuals to move because they want to enjoy new experiences. But is it enough of a reason to move and go through the moving stress for you?

It certainly should be because it will all affect your personal growth. If you dare to step away from what you’re used to and step into something unknown but exciting, it can expand your mind and help you mature both emotionally and mentally.

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Pack for a Move? Do One Room at a Time

It is essential that you pack room-by-room, especially if you want to save time and stay organized. If you have boxes organized by room, it will also be easier to unpack them once you get to your new home. You won’t have to run around your house after opening every box to sort different objects.

Pack Items You Don’t Use Frequently and Sort Them in Different Boxes

It is recommended to begin with storage areas and things you don’t need daily. For example, with Christmas decorations, your fishing equipment, or seasonal clothes – basically, anything that you don’t need at the moment or do not use frequently. Another tip is not to mix different categories of items – for example, delicate clothes with bulky shoes. If you still mix, for example, different types of shoes in the same box, keep the heavy ones at the bottom and put delicate pairs on top.

Don’t Forget to Prepare a Box With Essential Items for the Moving Day

Once you know the date of your move, you can schedule activities and continue organizing other more important belongings from your home, even the ones you use more often. You can, for example, go on with boxing up dishes, clothes, and packing furniture. The thing that is vital in this process is to prepare a box with essentials. These are some of the belongings you’ll need as soon as you move in, such as toiletries, clean clothes, towels, chargers, medication, and some dog food if you’re moving with pets.

Label Your Boxes For Better Organization

If you want to know how to efficiently pack to move, remember that it is crucial to label all the successfully packed containers. If you skip doing this, it’s not important how you packed them. The whole process will get messy, and some of your fragile belongings might end up broken. Avoid this by simply labeling everything that is fragile and avoiding any confusion by labeling every box according to the type of items it contains. If you’re using some boxes that were already used and have some labels or stickers on them, take a look at this video to see how to remove those easily.

Hire a Trustworthy Overseas Shipping Company to Help You Relocate in No Time

Now that you know the answer to the question of why do people move, you need to learn the best way of doing so. Relocating from a current home can be an exciting time, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. By hiring reputable overseas shipping company, you can take the stress out of the process and ensure that your belongings arrive safe and sound at a future destination. So book your international moving company, and secure the best stress-free moving experience you can get.

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