Make Relocation Easier With These Ingenious Moving Hacks

Posted Moving Abroad / April 18, 2022
Madison Rogers

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There are a lot of things that can go wrong during a move. It’s quite easy for your belongings to get lost or damaged. On top of everything, trying to pull off a move during a pandemic creates additional problems and worry. Consider using moving hacks that can make your relocation more efficient. Here are some tips and tricks you might find useful when planning your move.

You might be relocating because of a job opportunity. Or you’re moving out of your parents’ house for the first time. Maybe you got bored with your hometown, so you want to see some changes in your life. Whatever the reasons for the move are, trying to relocate across the world is no easy feat. With good relocation tricks and planning, you can avoid moving stress and succeed at making your move efficient.

How Can I Make Moving Easier?

You might be wondering – how can I move cheaply? Or how do I make painless moving? There are some simple strategies and tricks you might want to try out when relocating. If you consider using storage units, purging your home before the move, and organizing your packing process, you will be surprised how everything can be so effortless. You won’t feel exhausted after the move, so you will have a chance to get to know your new country right away.

If you get stuck and don’t know where to begin when planning everything out, you can always contact your international moving company and get some helpful advice. In case you have any questions about international moving by sea or even overseas vehicle shipping, they can provide you with the most precise information.

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First of All, Don’t Forget You Are Relocating During a Pandemic

You have to always keep in mind that you are traveling during the coronavirus pandemic. This means you have to think about additional documents you require to cross the border. When you start planning your move, one of the first things you want to do is research what kind of tests you need to do and whether you require a COVID-19 vaccination passport.

If you are relocating with your children, you must check if they need vaccination certificates for minors. Also, check if there are any restrictions or mandates in the country you are heading to. A good tip would be to stock up on face masks, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizers. If you ensure that you stay safe and healthy during your move, you won’t have to worry about unexpected difficulties along the way.

Make a Relocation Budget

One of your top priorities should be making a relocation budget. You should plan everything out to the smallest detail. How much do you want to spend on the movers? How much do you want to spend on supplies and materials? You are moving overseas, so you have to know exactly what your expenses will be in a foreign country. What can be helpful in creating a budget is visiting the Numbeo website. Here you can find more information about the cost of living in different places worldwide. What is more, you can find more about what the best countries to live in are.

Also, a good tip is to set aside money for unexpected situations. You can create an emergency fund and have extra money you can spend whenever you get into a problem. If you are trying to relocate on a low budget, think about saving money before the move. Try not to spend too much on unnecessary and expensive items.

Draw up a Checklist When Moving House

There is a chance you might forget some items from your home. You might even lose some of your treasured belongings during the move. If you don’t want this to happen to you, draw up a relocation checklist. If you type it out on a computer, print it out. Or you can write it down in a notebook. Your checklist doesn’t have to have only the things you have to do and buy.

You can list all of the rooms in your house or apartment. In this way, you can plan in what order you want to sort everything out. Your checklist can feature a timeline of your move, so you know when everything needs to be done. Also, you can write down all of the items you want to have in your new home and what you can get rid of.

Among the Most Important Moving Hacks is to Declutter Your Home

You’ll be moving internationally and you don’t want to transport belongings that you will definitely not use. Therefore, before you begin boxing up your belongings, a good tip would be to declutter your whole home. You should decide what you want to keep and what can be donated or recycled if you don’t want to see something in a trash can. If you have old furniture or antique pieces and you don’t like the idea of investing in shipping overseas, the best thing should be to donate them.

If you have expired products, makeup, or food you will definitely not eat, throw it away before you start your preparation. Worn-out, stained, and ripped clothes should be discarded. Throw away toys your children don’t use anymore. Also, electronics that don’t work or anything you have never used should also be thrown away.

Here’s a video on all the possible things you can get rid of before you start packing.

The Best Packing Hacks

There are some packing hacks for moving you absolutely must know. For example, you can save space by storing all of your cooking products in pots and pans. When you prepare plates for packing, you should put paper plates in between every plate. You will ensure that the plates don’t break, but also you will find your paper plates useful when you arrive at your house. There is a great and safe way you can pack your knives – put them in kitchen mittens so they don’t get damaged and don’t damage other stuff.

You want to take all of your clothes on hangers and put them in big plastic bags. In this way, your clothes won’t wrinkle. Are you wondering how to box up your fragile items? Instead of paper, you can secure your glasses and kitchen utensils with socks or clothes.

You can always get packing services from your overseas moving company if you don’t think you can manage everything on your own. Also, if you have anything you don’t want to move right away, something you can collect, later on, ask for storage services too.

Packing Your Kids’ Room Last

You are not moving abroad alone, but you are taking your kids too? Pay attention to their feelings and communicate with them. You want your kids to feel free and tell you what they think about this life-changing situation. A good tip we can share with you is to leave your kids’ room for the end. You want them to feel safe and comfortable during this process. Ask them what they would like to put in their bags. If your kids are not fussy or dissatisfied, you will be more concentrated and relaxed. They could play with all of their toys until relocation day.

Use Free Boxes

One of the best moving tips and hacks we can give you is to get free boxes at your local stores. You can also contact your friends and family that have moved to lend you their spare cardboards. You can always find affordable and eco-friendly packages wherever you go. It would be wise to leave some for belongings you want to donate and recycle. Also, what you can do is get a box cutter or a knife, and cut holes on the side of each box. It’s going to be more convenient for you if you have to carry them.

Prepare an Essentials Bag

There are some necessary items you will require during the move. You should prepare an essentials bag, so you don’t have to search through the sea of packages when you arrive. In your essentials bag, you can put hand soap and towels. You will also want to have toilet paper, dish soap, sponges, and cleaning supplies. There is no way to know how long your move is going to last. So don’t forget to bring easy-to-carry meals for each family member. If there is enough space, include cups, water bottles, plastic forks, and phone chargers. A coloring book is also good to have for your kids. This is a great tip to ensure your kids have something interesting to do.

Use a Fanny Pack While Dealing With Boxes

You might be wondering – how do you pack to move in a hurry? If you follow the tips we have given you, you might be able to manage everything in no time. But, what you might not know is that a fanny pack can really help you. You can put things like labels, stickers, tape, scissors, money, receipts, your phone, small tools, and box cutters in it. You might have to secure something with tape, label a box, or go quickly to the store to get more supplies. If you have to run around the house and quickly prepare everything for the move, you want to have your most essential items by your side. You won’t lose track of things or forget anything by wearing one around your waist.

Take it Easy When You First Move-in

When you first arrive at your new home, you will think you need to settle in and unpack right away. But that is not the case. After a tiring move, you should first think about your well-being. Take a rest. Unpack only the most necessary belongings. These might be kitchen appliances and tools along with clothes and bathroom products. You should not worry about unpacking all packages. You will have considerable time to do everything when you figure out how to adjust to a new country first. You will definitely manage everything in time.

Get to Know The Country

You’ll find yourself in a completely different environment. There is a chance you will have to deal with culture shock. You might want to get more information about how to live in another country. A useful hack can be to find expat communities and meet people who will be able to share with you their experience and knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you are in one of the friendliest countries in the world or the best countries for retirement. You need to be able to speak the new language and get accustomed to the environment. People who have already gone through this process might be able to help you with that.

Now You Know All The Tips And Tricks

Using all of these hacks to make moving easier will help you organize and plan out your move better. Before contacting your overseas shipping company, ensure that you know what you are doing and that you are prepared for everything. There is no right way you can plan for a move. You need to figure out what are the tips that work for you personally. Create your own strategy. Be creative. We wish you good luck!

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