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    International Relocation to Brussels, Belgium with Sunset Moving

    The capital of Belgium is a beautiful city with so much to offer. With its multicultural population, breathtaking architecture, and vast opportunities, it is no wonder it attracts so many expatriates each year. Are you thinking about moving to Brussels, Belgium? If so, let Sunset Moving accompany you on your adventure of moving to another country.

    If you are serious about your relocation to Brussels, it is important for you to get to know the city you are about to move to. For this reason, we at Sunset Moving would like to present to you this short guide to Brussels and your international relocation there.

    About Brussels, Belgium

    Brussels is the capital of Belgium, as well as the seat of the Brussels region. The city of Brussels consists of the central historic town and additional surrounding areas. It lies on an area of around 13 square miles.

    The People of Brussels, Belgium

    The city of Brussels is home to a little less than 200,000 people, while the Brussels-Capital region has over a million residents. Among them is a large number of immigrants, most of them from France, Romania, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany, and Congo. Overall, people of foreign origin make up around 70 per cent of the population.

    Although Dutch is the official language of the country, the largest portion of people speak French around 38 per cent, with some 17 per cent speaking both Dutch and French. Around 5 per cent of the population speaks only Dutch, while 23 per cent speak French and another language. Some 17 per cent don’t speak either of these languages.

    Although formally the most prominent religion is Roman Catholicism, only around 10 per cent of Catholics regularly go to church. A large number of Brussel residents are atheists or agnostics. Other religions in the city include Islam, Anglicanism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Judaism, and Buddhism.

    Places to Live in Brussels, Belgium

    The city of Brussels might not be large, but it offers a handful of different areas to live in nevertheless. Although there is no real substitution for visiting the city and experiencing its neighborhoods first-hand, we at Sunset Moving compiled a list of the most livable areas of Brussels. Without further ado, these are some areas with the best quality of life in the city:

    • Josse. This is one of the smallest neighborhoods in the city. It has a bad reputation among other residents, but if you ask anyone who lives here, they will tell you they absolutely love it. Its location is perhaps its biggest advantage. It has a well-developed public transportation system and is only a short walk away from numerous amenities. On the other hand, it might be smart to leave your car behind if you are moving here. The neighborhood is quite culturally diverse.
    • Jourdan. This lively neighborhood has all the essential amenities, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, bakeries, hairdressers, restaurants, and cafes. It is well-connected by public transport, with a metro station just five minutes away and a number of bus lines. It also offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. This neighborhood has quite an international feel to it and is a bit on the pricy side.
    • Schaerbeek. This is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in terms of culture, architecture, and food. It is the melting pot of offices, parks, and residential buildings. It is quite walkable. There are several shops and markets here that will make you feel like you are somewhere in Istanbul.
    • St. Gilles. This vibrant neighborhood is on its way up. It is home to several markets, shops, and restaurants. Public transportation options in this area are plentiful and it is fairly easy to reach downtown. Parking in this area might be challenging, but the beautiful parks make up for all the neighborhood’s drawbacks.

    The Weather in Brussels, Belgium

    Brussels belongs to the oceanic climate zone. Its proximity to coastal areas has an influence on the city’s climate. There are around 200 rainy days a year in the Capital Region, while around 24 days are snowy. Violent thunderstorms are quite common. Summers are mild, with daily temperatures revolving around 65 degrees. During winter, daily mean temperatures usually stay close to 37 degrees. Brussels experiences around 33 inches of rain every year.

    Moving to Brussels, Belgium

    Are you ready to start calling Brussels home? If so, there is one more crucial thing you should do – get acquainted with the Belgian immigration laws and policies. The only safe way to do so is to contact the Embassy of Belgium in Washington D.C., or visit their official website.

    Once the paperwork is over with, it is time for you to move! Contact Sunset Moving to get the best international moving quotes. Our representatives will provide you with more details on our services, such as:

    • International residential relocation
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    • And many more.

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