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International Shipping to Brussels, Belgium

From Arkansas, US, with Sunset International Shipping

International Shipping to Brussels, Belgium

From Arkansas, US, with Sunset International Shipping

International Shipping from Arkansas, US to Brussels, Belgium with Sunset Moving

International relocation can be one of the most difficult things you need to do in your life, considering that the distance you need to cross is really long. If you are moving to Europe in a house which already has all of the furniture, then all you need to do is sit on a plane and enjoy the flight. But what happens when you need to take your possessions with you? How will you handle that? You certainly cannot go back and forth all the time. What you can do is hire a professional and reliable international moving company to ship your belongings to Brussels, Belgium, a place you chose to be your new home.

We at Sunset Moving have completed thousands of international shipments over the course of 15 years, and we have found a formula that works. Our crew will pack your things into boxes, but we also bring additional moving supplies, such as tape, moving pads, and all the necessities to make the shipment safe. As for the transportations services, you can choose air or ocean freight, and our friendly staff members will help you with the decision and explain the differences between the two services in greater detail. Furthermore, we offer overseas car shipment in case you need to bring your vehicle with you. Most people are worried to leave their car to international relocation companies, and we completely understand. You don’t need to be apprehensive about it because we will guide you through it step by step and help you with all required document preparation and customs regulations. Last but not least, Sunset Moving allows you to track your shipment and see the shipment’s current status any day of the night and day. Thus, you can see what is going on without having to call us all the time.

International Shipping from Arkansas, US to Brussels, Belgium with Sunset MovingAbout Brussels, Belgium

You have chosen to come to the most important city in the entire Europe. In its inception, Brussels was a small rural settlement on the river Senne, but after the Second World War, it has become a major center for international politics. Brussels is a home to a variety of political organizations, diplomats, civil servants numerous institutions, which is no wonder because it is the capital of the European Union. Some of the most prestigious institutions in Brussels are the Benelux Secretariat, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) headquarters. At first, the dominant language in the city was Dutch, but from the late 19th century onwards, Brussels has shifted to French. Today, the majority language is French, but officially both Dutch and French are used, and you will see them on all road signs, street names as well as advertisements. Also, English is spoken by some minor part of the population, but some other languages you can hear are Arabic, Spanish, German and Italian.

Things to Do in Brussels

Brussels is a city with a tremendous history and fascinating culture. Even though the first association to Brussels is politics, the city has so much to offer to its residents. When you step out on the street, you will see amazing buildings, some of them in Gothic, Baroque and even Louis XIV styles combined with the postmodern buildings of EU institutions. The main attraction is the Grand Place in the city center. Flemish painters were famous all around the world, which is no wonder that today, you can find more than 80 museums in the city. Some of the museums we recommend are:

Also, Brussels is a home to numerous events and festivals, and the two famous ones are the Flower Carpet and Brussels Summer Festival . Belgium, in general, is known for its chocolate and waffles as well as beer.

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