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California International Movers

Guaranteed prices for International Moving.
No hidden fees or surprises!

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California International Movers

Guaranteed prices for International Moving. No hidden fees or surprises!

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Moving from California with Sunset Moving

Have you decided to move from California? Overseas relocation is a complicated process, and you need to be well-prepared. You need to plan the move carefully from beginning to the end, but it is not necessary to do this by yourself. Why bother when you can hire professional movers to deal with your move? Instead of carrying the burden on your own, you can pass it on to an international moving company which will transport your things to the new destination quickly and efficiently.

Selecting the moving company suitable for you may be difficult, since the  competition is fierce and a lot of good companies exist. Luckily, your search ends here, because Sunset Moving is a great choice for you. We are an experienced moving company that has relocated hundreds of people from the United States to countries all around the world. With us, all you have to do is select a country to which you want to move, and we will handle everything else. Of course, you will still have things to do, such as prepare your documentation for the relocation, and the documents for the overseas car shipping among everything else, but with us, you will have a lot more free time to dedicate to these things.

Full support throughout your move

We want you to know that you will have our support throughout the moving process and if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at any point of the move. Besides international car shipping, Sunset Moving provides:

  • Shipment tracking – This is a useful service because you will be able to check the progress of your shipment any time of the day or night. When transporting their entire homes overseas, people are usually worried that something will go wrong and that their things will get damaged. This is extremely rare but with shipment tracking, your mind will be at ease and you will be able to run your everyday errands and be fully committed.
  • Storage services – What happens to your things if your new home is not move-in ready when they arrive? There is no room for panic, because Sunset Moving will allow you to store your belongings in our storage units. Your things will be safe with us until you get the green light, which is when we will transport your things to your new home.
  • Packing services – Packing is one of the most tiresome tasks you need to do. You will quickly discover that packing is not the most entertaining errand, especially when you have an entire house to pack! It is a time-consuming process, but you don’t have time to waste since you need to take care of a lot of things. Luckily, Sunset Moving will send professional packers to your home, and they will take care of your belongings. They will be quick and efficient, plus you will know that your things are safely packed and ready to be loaded.

Providing you a wide range of services

Besides the aforementioned services, Sunset Moving also provides international moving by sea and by air, moving supplies, custom crating, international business relocation, etc. Call Sunset Moving today to get a free quote and schedule your move!


Whether you decide to ship your goods using air freight or ocean freight, Sunset Moving can handle all your moving needs. Need to ship your vehicle? We do that too.

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One thing you can’t escape when moving is packing. That’s we employ packing experts capable of protecting the most fragile possessions.

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We offer storage at every point of your trip, including 30 days of free storage. Our high standards at Sunset Moving will not leave you hanging when it comes to placing your belongings in safe storage space.

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Vehicle Shipping

With Sunset Moving, you can ship a vehicle from the US to many destinations worldwide, with the best ocean freight options.

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California Sunset International Shipping

California Sunset International Shipping Review

5 Stars

We actually face with the moving process more than once. We usually don’t use professional moving companies, but in this case we had to because of international relocation. We were afraid that the result will not justify the financial cost. At this time, we decided to seek the services of an efficient moving company. Considering that in the course of the previous relocation we packed most items ourselves, this time we decided that we have to deal with experienced movers and packers. As a result, we all really enjoyed the moving process, the price justified the quality, and not much time was spent on the move. In the future, we plan to use Sunset International Moving again because of their professionalism and attention to details!

What Customers Say About Us

  • 5 star ratingBeen living in Cali for a couple years now and decided it was time for me to relocate to Spain with a good friend of mine. Just bought this new sweet condo and got a new job out there and needed to move out ASAP because my start date moved up. Called Sunset and they came by, gave me an estimate and it was a no brainer- cheaper than most other companies and the lady was very nice! I was impressed with the whole turnout, all my things were safe, no hassle. Great work and quick move.

    Juan G. Avatar
    Juan G.

    5 star ratingI just wanted to take a moment and thank Sunset movers for helping my dad with his move over seas for work. Didn't know who to call but I'm glad I called you guys. You were so professional and affordable. Everything was as promised and nothing was damaged. Not to mention the customer service we received was acceptional. Me and my family could not thank you enough

    Amina A. Avatar
    Amina A.

    5 star ratingI couldn't believe Sunset International did the job fast & easy. The price was in my budget because of how affordable it is. Free boxes & 30 days free storage! The employees are so polite & organized. I had no stress at all. I was recommended by my fellow collage buddies & I will recommend to my family.

    Paul C. Avatar
    Paul C.
  • 5 star ratingBeing in the military causes me to move around a lot.  We were able to get a great deal with Sunset Shipping. They were able to ship our car and all our furniture. My wife was so happy with how careful and attention to detail they are when it comes to packing and moving! Thanks to this great company, I will definitely recommend them to anyone who will need international shipping.

    Luis R. Avatar
    Luis R.

    5 star ratingI decided to go back home to Australia with the rest of the family after many years of being in the states. I stumbled upon sunset through my neighbor who uses their storage services. Gave it a shot and overall experience went great! I decided to do overseas shipping because it was more affordable. The moving guys came to our house and packed everything up for us in crates. My biggest worry was an antique that I had got from my best friend, so what they did was double pack and put it into its own box. This was great... read more

    Marc A. Avatar
    Marc A.

    5 star ratingI would have to say that the whole moving experience with this company went very well and smoothly. When I had called asking for pricing, they were very honest and the prices were surprisingly very affordable. They provided me with their different options (air and overseas) I had expected to spend more, and very glad I didnt. The movers were great. My whole apartment was moved in just a couple of hours and the whole move was hassle-free. Definitely recommend using their services.

    Katie D. Avatar
    Katie D.
  • 5 star ratingI would say that I'm pretty satisfied with sunset overall. They offered full service packing which is must have for me personally. There were no hidden fees at any time presented to me or extra additional fees. Everyone was very informative on the phone as well. I haven't done too many international moves so the process was a big concern. From start to finish dealing with their team made things easy. The move over to Europe took way less time then I imagined. Top notch service.

    Rafael M. Avatar
    Rafael M.

    5 star ratingFrom the initial phone call to the movers walking out of our new residence everything was very smooth. I am happy to say that our move was very successful. Minimal damages (only a surface scratch on our dresser which was repaired) and no hidden costs! Thank you Sunset!

    Tyler B. Avatar
    Tyler B.

    5 star ratingAwesome place, awesome pricing, and friendly staff. Will never go elsewhere. Also very dependable. Excellent team of movers, Great customer service reps. It was pleasant to speak with ISC for our international move from Paris. They're very knowledgeable and answered every question with precision and accuracy. Thank you to Jake and James who helped with the quote and thanks to Ronald who helped us load everything in Paris!

    メルビン Avatar
  • 5 star ratingI just received an incredible 5 star service from International Shipping Company. I had contracted them to transport my father's 2 antique piano's with benches from Spain to my new house here in Los Angeles which my father had given to my wife and I as a house warming gift. I'm very happy to say that our move was perfect and our new Piano set looks amazing in the living room! Thank you ISC and Thank you to George and his crew who set it all up for us!

    Edwin V. Avatar
    Edwin V.

    5 star ratingI used Sunset International to ship my grandmother's antique furniture to my mom in Spain! Great service all around the guys at pickup packed the antiques up for me and the guys at delivery helped my mom unpack and place them as well. My mother and I wish you all a happy thanksgiving and thank you for the excellent services!

    Bronson C. Avatar
    Bronson C.

    5 star ratinggreat international shipping company in Los Angeles, Fair prices, great and professional packers and customer service. Everything was perfect.

    Bernadett S. Avatar
    Bernadett S.
  • 5 star ratingI recently booked International Moving Specialist's movers for my Sister's move to Australia!! I couldn't believe how fast, professional and thorough they were when they came out. They packed everything well and nothing was broken! Because of the excellent service from the movers, I would use IMS again, and I will highly recommend IMS to my friends and family!!

    Amy M. Avatar
    Amy M.

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