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Moving cats to Hawaii is a process on its own which is why we have set up a list of tips and information on how to easily relocate your furry friend to this beautiful island. Beforehand be sure to prepare all documentation for the State of Hawaii from your vet clinic and send completed import forms to the the Department of Agriculture to be sure they receive everything and that everything is correct. Please review your pet’s health certificate before the flight for accuracy.

There are specific details to go through before relocating your cat. One of the first important steps to go through is verifying that your pet’s rabies vaccinations are current and making sure that they were given in compliance with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s timeline. Once you have determined the required rabies vaccinations, work with your vet to make sure they have the proper documents needed for submitting your pet’s blood work. This period of gathering everything you need for the relocation of your cat should be at least 120 days prior the date of your move. If you need to relocate to Hawaii before the completion of this 120 day period, then it is best to find a friend or a family member that is going to tend to your pet until the end of the waiting period. If you do not have someone to care for your cat during this period, know that they can enter Hawaii early, but they will be required to wait out the remaining days in quarantine at Halawa Valley.

A crate should be ready for your pet before the shipment. When working with a pet mover company, most of the shipping’s should always be free, but it is a good idea to have your cat crate trained. If your cat is not crate trained, then get your hands on the crate before the relocation so that your animal can become accustomed to the crate. File your Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Dog and Cat Import Form AQS-278 for your cat about 30 days before the set relocation. We will file this form directly in person at the Department of Agriculture and pay your fees for you. Arrangements for the transport of your cat should be made between 2 weeks and 1 month before the departure date. Have cost considerations in mind so that you can decide on the most efficient routing for your feline. Depending on the breed, age and overall health of your cat, the process varies. Be sure to also keep in mind the fact that all cats entering the island are required to have a health certificate dated no more than 10 days before their arrival. It is always best to get the certificates 5-6 days before the departure date. Make a checklist for the day of the departure so that your feline has everything for safe travel. When your cat arrives in Hawaii, you can greet them at the quarantine station of the airport.

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