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    Moving from Carlsbad, California to Manchester, UK with Sunset Moving

    Have you dreamt of moving outside the borders of United States? You want to move from the city of Carlsbad, but you don’t know where to go. Finally, you have chosen Manchester, the UK as your new destination. However, the relocation is the tricky part, and you cannot do this by yourself. Choosing the right international moving company can be hard because all of the companies praise themselves on being the best in business. Few of them tell you that relocation, especially international relocation can be a hassle.

    Sunset Moving is here to help you. We have 15 years of experience, and we have performed so many overseas relocations that we became excellent at it. There have been thousands of satisfied people who used our transportation services, and you can read their reviews and see the opinion of the others. We at Sunset Moving do it all! From packing and unpacking to storing your possessions into our storage space, which you can get for free up to 30 days. Furthermore, our transportation services consist of air freight, ocean freight, door-to-door shipment, door-to-port shipment in special cases and overseas vehicle shipment. You need to call us, and one of our consultants will help you out and guide you through the entire relocation process. Also, you can get advice on managing your moving budget, while we are the ones who bring moving supplies including boxes, tape, padding to keep your belongings safe. Price is one of the key factors for someone to choose the right international moving company. We offer competitive prices, and you can always request a flat price with no hidden costs and nasty surprises after everything is set and done. This will allow you to plan your move accordingly and enjoy the process with Sunset Moving.

    About Manchester, UK

    Manchester is the city in England which has about 550,000 residents in the city itself, but more than 2,500,000 people live in the urban area of the city. The important year in Manchester history is when the Manchester Ship Canal opened in 1894 thus creating the Port of Manchester and connecting the city to the sea. Manchester is one of the most popular destinations in the UK, right after London and Edinburgh. The climate in the city is temperate Oceanic just like in the rest of Britain. In other words, you can expect mild summers and cool winters. However, in most recent years, due to the global warming, the temperatures can reach over 30˚ Celsius which rarely happened in the past. Winters are not entirely cold, and temperatures rarely dip below the freezing point. Most of the people in Manchester are Caucasians, followed by those who have the Asian origin. The residents of Manchester are not particularly religious since more than 25% stated that they do not belong to any religion.

    Culture in Manchester, UK

    Most of the bands which were either famous earlier, or they are famous today come from Manchester. For example, there are Oasis, The Fall, Simply Red, The Chemical Brothers, Take That, etc. The main pop music venue in the city is the Manchester Arena which was voted “International Venue of the Year” ten years ago. Regarding concert goers, it is the busiest indoor arena in the world, even ahead of Madison Square Garden.

    There are many amazing museums and theaters, but we will not focus on that because we will look at what may be considered a true culture in Manchester. Soccer. Football as the Europeans call it. Manchester is the city of sports indeed, and it has two decorated Premier League football teams, and the city rivals – Manchester United, a team that plays at the renowned stadium called the Old Trafford and Manchester City, which home is the Etihad Stadium. People are very passionate about soccer here, and you will feel the true vibes when you start living here.

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