A Complete Guide to Moving to Brazil – Meet the Jewel of South America

When we think of living a laid-back lifestyle filled with cultural gems and delicious meals, we think of moving to Brazil. If you haven’t considered it so far, you might want to read about the country to learn why it’s so unique and why more and more people choose to live and settle there.

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Things You Need to Know When Moving to the Netherlands

Just looking at the pictures of this beautiful country might make you want to move there immediately. But moving to the Netherlands comes with a wide range of perks apart from just being surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. No matter how scared you might be about your upcoming international relocation, you’ll see that it was worth it when you get there.

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Things You Should Know About Moving to China

Moving to China as an expat sure sounds exciting at first. You’re experiencing a new country, a whole new culture, fresh food, a unique lifestyle, new everything. But with all of that excitement, there are many things you should research and learn before diving into your international relocation. Here is everything you need to know about relocating to the great country of China.

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Moving to Germany – A Complete Guide for an American

Moving to Germany will bring you many exciting and new things. You should expect a high quality of life and living costs that won’t make a dent in your savings. Before you move, get familiar with all the documents needed for a visa, permanent residence, or documents that are required if you are taking your pet with you.

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Expat’s Guide to Moving to France from the US

Moving to France, a country with a rich history that shaped the rest of the world, vibrant culture, an array of gastronomical delights, and breathtaking nature is a great decision. But before you get there, you might want to check out our little guide specially prepared for Americans looking to become expats in this glorious nation.

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Breaking the Language Barrier – Best Tips and Tricks

How long have you been thinking about uprooting your life and relocating to another country, or even a different continent? For example, Europe has been a tempting destination for so many years, but breaking the language barrier and moving to the south of France or the north of Italy seems almost impossible.

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Ultimate Guide to Balancing Finances Abroad After Moving Internationally

Most countries in the world require expats to open bank accounts when they settle in. Having an account can make it possible to find jobs, participate in the economy, and have the same perks and benefits as the locals. Here’s our guide on balancing finances abroad and understanding your responsibilities as an expat.

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How to Prevent Things From Breaking During Your Move

The number of expats worldwide is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.2%, while more than 60 million people are already living outside their native countries. If you are among those who are planning on international moving, you’ll need some tips to prevent things from breaking while in transport.

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