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Relocating to France is quite the exciting opportunity with its beautiful sceneries, rich culture and delicious foods, nothing can go wrong. You’d be surprised at how many complications are included in the process even if you may feel as if it only takes an effort to pack and relocate all your belongings. Sunset Moving has put together for you some things you should consider before relocating to this country. Stay tuned for more!

The Language

If you are not familiar with the French language, than it is a good idea to start learning it! Starting out in the country and knowing the language will help you become more welcomed and respected than if you only speak English. Take slow steps and overtime your French speaking skills will definitely improve!

Bureaucracy and Financial Considerations

You may need a residence permit or visa when relocating here depending on your nationality. There are many of documents and paperwork to be filed during the process and it is important to keep several copies stashed. European mobile phone services often ask for an automatic bank debits from a French account. If you wish to open a French bank account, you’ll need a passport, residency permit and address. To do this, check to see with your bank at home if they have an associated French bank.

Locations in France

Different regions of the country have their own traditions and customs. This is why it can be quite hard decision when it comes down to choosing a place to live when moving to an unfamiliar country. There is plenty to know about buying property in France and it’s best to have an expert’s advice. Whether you prefer the city, mountains, beachside, or the countryside, you’ll find a scenery you enjoy in France.

Making Friends

It may take quite some time for you to meet new people and make friends in France since it is far different than meeting new people in other countries. This is due to the certain customs the French follow and the sooner you learn these customs, the better.

At work, or even on the streets, it is normal for males to greet each other by shaking hands and for women to kiss twice on the cheeks. If you happen to get invited to a dinner or a special event, know that you will be spending several hours there. This situation often turns into a long night, with many courses, activities, and dancing. It is normal to bring a gift when attending a party or dinner at someone’s place.

To meet new people it’s a good idea to attend many cultural and social events that way you can get involved with the community, which is open to welcoming new additions to the country.

In conclusion, it may take quite a process of adjustment, but it is definitely worth the experience of relocating to this amazing country. When you are ready to start planning out your move, give Sunset Moving a call!

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