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Hawaii is made up of plenty of different traits to what makes it a unique place to live in. Even though it may seem like heaven on Earth, there are some things to Hawaii that most people normally don’t talk about, but we would like to go over.

One of them being is the fact that it is not an area of its own; instead it is a collection of islands that are not that big. So if you are up for living in a place where you are going to get to know all your neighbors and have everything almost a walking distance away, then this is the perfect location for you.

Island Fever

Know that Island fever is common in Hawaii. This is the stuck feeling that you get being on an island where you can’t get away for a couple of hours to a whole different atmosphere. It usually hits people that have been here at least six months to a year. It is that claustrophobic feeling a person can get knowing that they only have public optional places to explore because a lot of Hawaii is private property or disconnected from human touch. The idea of living in this state is like living in a tiny neighborhood and if you have been living in a metropolis it can come as quite a shock or to some people as a form of relaxation. It may be a hard transition, but it is definitely worth the tranquility it will give you.


Weather in Hawaii may not always seem perfect as it does on pictures. If you do happen to be more of a summer person, then the location is ideal for you because it seems as if hot weather is all year round. Going to the beach can be on your schedule every day because the ocean never gets too cold here. Even though it is quite hot and sunny, know that rain also falls frequently here and you are going to be able to witness a lot of rainbows. Kauai is home to Mount Waialeale that is one of the world’s wettest places. Get used to mauka showers where light rain falls during the morning from the mountains nearby. They are quite common, but never a problem because you won’t get soaked from them.


Hawaii is quite the expensive place to relocate here. Groceries here are all almost over $5 and employment is quite difficult to find.  Here, you will spend more and get paid less. The best way to survive not losing all your saved up money is buy starting up your own small business.

Traffic here is terrible and you are going to need a lot of patience if you are commuting to work in town. It is a good idea to get a bike, but it can be dangerous if you don’t know the roads too well.

In conclusion, it may take a while to adjust here, but in the end it is totally worth the risk and change. After all, you can count yourself as quite lucky for being able to relocate here!