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Are you thinking about relocating to one of Hawaii’s beautiful islands– Lanai? Sunset International Shipping can help ship all your precious items there without any problems. We will ship your items by using both sea and air transportation. The version of shipping that we choose only depends only on your choice and on your budget. Ocean freight will take a longer period of time, but the cost is less and it is perfect if you have a larger shipment. By going with air transportation you can quickly ship your items, but the downside is the price that is a lot more expensive. In the end we will charge you by the cubic space when shipping ocean freight when air freight depends on the distance of your location, the size, weight and consistency of your package.

Even though Lanai is the smallest island in Hawaii, it still has a lot to offer its newcomers and new residents. The tiny island is located around nine miles from Maui and sometimes you can get the idea that the island feels like two places. Life here will give you a life full of tranquility, adventure and privacy.

Central Lanai

Central Lanai is filled with open spaces and pine trees that give it a more rural feel to it unlike the other islands. Temperatures here are cooler and similar to Upcountry Maui. Palawai Basin, an area also located in Central Lanai, is filled with pineapple fields. To the east, you will find the Munro Trail that will bring you to Lanaihale, the island’s highest peak. Lanai City is located in the very heart of the island and centered around Dole Park. Here you will find many different shops, local dining and unique art galleries. Dole Park is where locals to gather to meet or have a picnic. The towering pines lining the park provide just the right amount of shade on a sunny afternoon. Lanai City is the perfect location for distinctive shopping and affordable dining. At the Lanai Art Center you can find displays local artists’ works.

Munro Trail

On the island of Lanai you can also go on a 12.8-mile hiking trail with picturesque views on the Munro Trail. The trail starts north of Lanai City and ends in the Palawai Basin. The trail is filled with amazing views and beautiful forestry that includes ohia lehua, ironwood, eucalyptus and pine trees. This trail can also be biked or hiked, and either way you choose to travel it, you will reach the top of Lanaihale , Lanai’s highest peak at 3,370 feet.

South Lanai

Sunny South Lanai is where you’ll find the most peace and luxury. Hulopoe Bay and Manele Bay, are located in the south part of Lanai. These two bays have a marine life conservation area where spinner dolphins can occasionally be spotted in the sea. Between the bays is the Lanai landmark Puu Pehe, or Sweetheart Rock. Kaunolu is a short drive away that can take you to King Kamehameha’s summer fishing retreat on Lanai’s southern cliffs. The Kaumalapau Harbor is near too and from it you can get a chance to see a remarkable Lanai sunset.

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