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One of the smaller islands in Hawaii is Molokai. The whole island is only 38 miles long and 10 miles wide, but that doesn’t mean it is not beautiful as the rest of the state. Here there are only around 7,000 residents on the island and only one main road which means no traffic jams.


The island is known for having the friendliest locals out of all of Hawaii and the highest sea cliffs in the whole world. Every part of Molokai is unique on its own. On the west side you can find the small town of Maunaloa at the end of the road of the island and plenty of beaches. Here the weather is extremely hot and dry and you can find some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets.  This part of the island is a great area to explore and take long walks because there is a good chance that you might find an empty beach just for yourself. The beaches are beautiful but quite dangerous because the surf can rise at any moment and wash you out during the winter months which is why it is best to go to the beach and swim during the summer. If you do wish to go the beach during the winter then be sure to check out the weather forecast and surf news before you leave to be sure that the tides are low.
The center of the island is Hoolehua where you can locate some of the Hawaiian homestead lands. This island is free to the locals that can use it to farm and raise livestock. The Hoolehua Airport can be located here and the only high school on the island is a couple of miles down the road. Near is the Purdy Nut Farm where you can find plantations of macadamia nuts. You can purchase raw nuts or roasted here and be sure that they have the best nuts on the island. Mo’omomi beach can be found nearby. This beach is extremely special and sacred place to the residents on the island. The Nature Conservancy on Molokai can give you a tour down to the beach, along the coast and go over a great deal of history about the area, native plants and species. The Nature Conservancy can also take you to the Molokai Forest Preserve where you can go on a three to five mile board walk through a tropical rain forest. This rainforest is filled with flora and fauna that are found only on Molokai and others only in Hawaii. These are places you definitely don’t want to miss when living in Molokai. Apart from them, the island has many different galleries and museums you can find here to experience the Hawaiian culture more.

In conclusion, Molokai is a place where you can find plenty to do or nothing at all. Snorkeling, scuba, fishing, whale watching, golf, and hikes are some of the many activities that this small island has to offer. Apart from them, Molokai offers you many different places where you can relax and take the load of the day and read a book or nap. This island truly has the best of both worlds.