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It is said that one out of five Canadians were born outside the country. The unique scenery, pristine natural beauty, high quality of life, and a stable economic and political situation are just some of the reasons why many people from all over the world decide to move to Canada and settle down in some of its amazing cities. If you set your sights on the nation’s capital city, you should browse through the top Ottawa neighborhoods to find the one that meets all your requirements.

If your dream is to stroll down Rideau Street downtown, now could be the right time to make your wishes come true

It’s well-known that thousands of people, especially millennials, are continually moving to Ontario and the nation’s capital, Ottawa. This is a place often described as a perfect mixture of urban living experience and a small-town feel. That’s precisely why making a home here could be more appealing than living in Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal, the country’s largest and busiest metropolises.

There Are over 80 Ottawa Neighborhoods Within City Borders

Modern O-Town consists of 11 historic townships, but the place itself has a central urban region and plenty of other urban, suburban, and rural areas within its limits. To the north, O-Town is bordered by the Ottawa River, with Quebec on the other side. If you want to reach Montreal, you’ll need less than two hours of travel to the east, while Toronto is a bit further away to the south – about 4 hours.

If you’re thinking about moving to O-Town and settling down in some of its districts, you should take a look at just some of the things the city as a whole has to offer:

  • It is an economically stable community
  • You can enjoy plenty of open  green spaces and bike trails
  • It’s a cultural mainstay of the country
  • With a low crime rate, this is one of the most popular places for families
  • It takes pride in less traffic congestion
  • Housing is affordable
  • Plenty of jobs opportunities

Thanks to all the abovementioned amenities, O-Town could be your best bet if you’re planning to move up north. But, before you schedule the date for your international moving services, think about the neighborhood you would like to settle down in.

Although it is the capital, the city can’t boast with the hustle and bustle of bigger cities. In other words, its center is highly walkable and less crowded than you may expect. Nevertheless, depending on your plans and longings, there are enough areas where you could find just about everything you need. The city’s residential districts exude local vibes but have different features and unique charm, which is especially true for Glebe and ByWard Market. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular areas in the capital and all the benefits you may expect after moving to O-Town.

Ottawa's districts can meet all your needs

Kanata – a Fast-Growing Suburb

Until 2001, Kanata and Nepean, Gloucester, Rockcliffe Park, Vanier, and Cumberland were considered independent towns. That’s when Ottawa’s authorities decided to expand the city’s boundaries and incorporate those communities that are now regarded as suburbs, but still retain a high degree of self-sustainability.

As one of the fastest-growing and largest suburbs, Kanata is located about 13 miles (22km) west of the city’s downtown. If you have a family and kids, this could be the right place for you, because it has more affordable real estate prices than some other Ottawa’s more central communities. Furthermore, it features highly-rated schools, numerous parks and playgrounds, a variety of dining places, and a thriving business community.

The area is home to over 117,000 residents, ranging from families to young, single professionals. Many of them are employed in the high tech sector, and that’s why this district hosts many well-known businesses.

Kanata South

Whether you choose Bridlewood, Emerald Meadows, or Glen Cairn, the southern part of the area stretches pretty far and includes several beautiful, green neighborhoods. One more advantage that might be interesting to you is the fact that most people speak English, while a small percentage is Francophone. In other words, no need to break the language barrier or learn a new language (although it won’t hurt you) if you’re coming from the US. Find out what locals and newcomers love about Bridlewood and Emerald Meadows:

  • Lots of parks, trees, and opportunities for outdoor activities
  • Many social events organized by the community
  • Your children can get excellent schooling due to seven elementary schools from all school boards

Kanata Central

Katimavik is a typical close-tight community, perfect for raising a family. Its slow-paced lifestyle will provide you with tranquil and peaceful moments, and opportunities to improve your social life and build strong and lasting friendships.

The area is primarily English-speaking, has plenty of restaurants, bars, and sports fields. The traditional skating races are held yearly at Young’s Pond Park, thanks to the Community Skating Party. Also, Walter Baker Park hosts a Canada Day celebration where you can spend some delightful moments.

Once an independent town, Kanata is now one of the most popular Ottawa suburbs

Centretown – Victorian Homes and Cultural Landmarks

The neighborhood in Somerset Ward, just south of the central part of the capital, takes pride in beautifully restored Victorian homes, vibrant nightlife, and tourist attractions. If you want to live right in the middle of everything, Centretown is a perfect place for you.

However, there’s much more than a lively lifestyle. You can walk along the Rideau Canal to the famous Parliament Hill, or cycle around with your family and friends. Rideau Canal is equally impressive during winter months when it transforms into the world’s largest ice skating and offers plenty of joy for children. It’s nice to know that Byward Market, one of Ottawa’s most famous downtown neighborhoods, is also just a walk away from Centretown.

This is a place where numerous cultural and historical landmarks are located, such as:

  • Canadian War Museum
  • Canadian Museum of Nature
  • Museum of Civilization
  • National Gallery
  • Bytowne Cinema
  • Gay Village
Feel the hustle and bustle of the Centretown

Stittsville – A Picturesque Environment With Friendly Neighbors

This fast-growing suburban community is about 20 miles from Downtown. It’s unusual and unique due to its small village-like feel, but all of the amenities of a large city. So, what are the pros of living in this picturesque area? Keep reading and find some of the most exciting aspects of living in Stittsville:

  • Friendly neighbors
  • One of the lowest crime rates in the National Capital Region
  • Plenty of activities and sports
  • Wide range of quality schools
  • Very welcoming of all cultures

Stittsville East

Amberwood Village in the eastern part of Stittsville is considered one of the best places in O-Town. If you’re looking for a cozy and comfortable home for your family to settle down, this area can provide you with great housing options. Besides the pleasant environment crammed with greeneries, walking and jogging trails, as well as playgrounds, here you can find shopping and entertainment options and array of professional services. Also, you don’t have to move downtown if you need excellent schooling – your kids can get quality education right here, close to your home.

Stittsville is a peaceful, family-friendly place

A Thriving Location in the City’s South – Barrhaven

Dubbed “The Haven” by locals, Barrhaven is an up-and-coming community surrounded by the Greenbelt to the north, two rivers – Rideau and Jock to the east and south, and a highway to the west. It’s situated only 10 miles south-west of the center, and it has easy access to downtown via Light Rail. This place has one more advantage – the Ottawa International Airport is only a short drive away.

Meet the Old Barrhaven

Old Barrhaven is nestled within the west side of the Barrhaven area, with an average distance of about 13 miles from downtown. It allows for a quiet, family lifestyle, but also offers an abundance of easily accessible entertainment opportunities. You can enjoy both relaxing moments and have some fun if you want to. According to OttawaProperties.com, in the Old Barrhaven, you can buy different types of homes for different prices:

  • Single-detached home: about $325,000
  • Attached home: about $84,000
  • Condo: about $165,000
As the first developed part of the area, Old Barrhaven is charming and elegant

Ottawa West Has the Trendy Township of Westboro

As one of the trendiest areas in O-Town, situated along the Ottawa River, Westboro’s residents have the privilege of short commutes to the center. Called an authentic urban village, it boasts nearly 200 restaurants and shops, as well as historic buildings and hip coffee shops. By relocating to Westboro, your kids can get high-quality education – there are plenty of Montessori-based schools, public, Catholic, and private educational institutions in both French and English. But if you just don’t like a posh lifestyle, don’t worry. There are more options on the west side with vast green spaces, perfect for young families to settle down and start from scratch.

West End Community – Central Park

This neighborhood is in River Ward, and it’s a relatively new community. Central Park is well-known for its NYC themed street names – the name of the area itself is taken from NY Central Park. With a plethora of small parks, shopping places, retirement communities, and many public schools, this is a real mecca for people of all ages.

Living in Westboro will provide you with access to recreational activities, including skiing, hiking, biking, and swimming

Affordable, Rural Areas

Would you like to live near the Capital City, but want to experience the country life? If so, then the surrounding area, near O-Town, could be the right choice for you. Some of the most beautiful and, at the same time, affordable regions are the outskirts to the east of the capital. You can find lovely homes at reasonable prices.

Cumberland – A Mix of Old and New

Cumberland takes pride in being a small place with a village feel and full of older homes. But, if you want modern accommodation, there are plenty of new developments with larger houses of which some are placed upon a hill with scenic views. It is an easy commute to the capital and is home to the Cumberland Village Heritage Museum.

Just South of Ottawa Is Greely

You’ll need only a 20-minute drive from the center to get to Greely. The whole environment and ambiance resembles Cumberland – with a friendly community, abundance of trees, parks, and golf fields. Also, if you’re looking for a house with an old architectural style, you can find nice spacious ones with large lots here.

Rural areas come with natural beauties and affordable homes

Healthy and Family Oriented Quality of Life

O-Town has many benefits for expats who are seeking a laid-back living and a variety of options in all aspects of life. It performs well in several criteria related to the quality of life, such as low crime, healthcare, culture, and population growth. Furthermore, it has one of the highest household incomes in Canada and offers a wide variety of job opportunities.

Take into consideration moderately priced housing, and you’ll get a clearer picture of the pros of living in the capital of Canada. Luckily, it is crammed with beautiful neighborhoods, and your main problem could be how to choose the right one in the sea of excellent areas. Ottawa neighborhoods have their own character and charm and are oriented toward a family-friendly lifestyle. Regardless of whether you go for one of the areas on our list or the more well-known Glebe or Byward Market in the center, moving to Canada will provide you with a casual atmosphere, welcoming neighbors, and plentiful amenities.