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Creating a list of the best places to live in Ontario is not an easy feat. After all, this is the second-largest and the most populous of all 13 provinces in Canada. Within its 415,000 square miles, you can pick and choose amongst major cities like Ottawa and Toronto, or towns like Windsor. Before moving to Canada from the US, go over the costs, entertainment options, jobs, and educational opportunities, and you will easily find a place to call home in a country that is famous for its friendliness and politeness.

Toronto Is Canada’s Largest City and Media Hub

When moving to Toronto, know that you will be staying in the most populous city in the country. This urban jungle is for everybody who is seeking stable and well-paid employment and an array of entertainment and education opportunities. The cost of living in Toronto might be a bit higher, but with high average incomes, you won’t notice it.

Media workers thrive here. Daily and weekly newspapers, as well as magazines and headquarters of national and international television networks, are located in the area.

Is Toronto One of the Best Places to Live in Ontario and Canada

Besides vast job opportunities, living in Toronto will bring you many benefits, such as easy access to quality healthcare and countless entertainment and dining options. Every sports fan can root for their favorite hockey, baseball, or football teams, while outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the pleasant weather in more than 1,500 parks.

Toronto neighborhoods come with diverse stories and history, making the house hunt an adventure of its own. Diversity is another thing to think about. You will meet many different population groups: Chinese, Arab, Koreans, Latin Americans. Depending on the spot you pick, you should consider shipping your car with you. But don’t worry, the downtown of Ontario’s capital is highly walkable, and you can easily reach anything you need, either on foot or by a developed subway system.

This is the city of high-rises, with 1,800 buildings over 98 ft.

Oakville Is Consistently on the Lists of Best Places to Live in Ontario

In the vicinity of Toronto, you will find Oakville, Ontario’s largest town with nearly 200,000 people. If you don’t fancy living in big cities but still want to be close to them, you’ll quickly fall in love with Oakville with its elegant homes, high-quality education, and a vibrant entertainment offer.

When packing and thinking about your new destination, know that, in Oakville, you will be able to enjoy everyday things such as hiking, biking, yoga classes, and picnics outdoors.

This town by the Ontario Lake is home to companies like Ford Motors, Halton Healthcare, and Halton Catholic District School Board. With such big employers, you won’t have to worry about income: the median personal income is almost $40,000, while the total household income exceeds $100,000, according to AreaScore. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate is around 5%, while the average price of a home is in the range of $500,000.

If you enjoy being by the water, take a stroll down the Oakville Harbor.

Ottawa Is Affordable and Fun

The Canadian capital surely is one of the best places to settle down in due to its small-town feel despite having around 1 million residents. When you decide on moving to Ottawa, you should prepare for staying in one of the most educated communities in the country.

If you’re planning to employ international moving services to relocate to a new country, you’ll have to think about finances. The cost of living in Ottawa is relatively reasonable, and depending on your location, the price rate of renting or buying homes can vary. Go over Ottawa neighborhoods, and you will find the most affordable renting rate: it can go from $700 to $1400, depending on the location.

When living in Ottawa, you will have to get used to the overall cleanliness of the city. It is, after all, a very green and garbage-free community. And there is also a hint of France. About 14% od the residents speak French as their mother tongue, while about a third of the population speaks both languages fluently, making Canada’s capital a bilingual city. You won’t exactly have to break the language barrier, but knowing French will make you seem like a true local.

Bar hopping, dancing the night away, and sightseeing are some of the things to do in Ottawa when you have a day off, and you need to kick back and relax. From exciting architecture and world-class museums to excellent restaurants and shopping venues, the capital is filled with fun and exciting opportunities on every corner. And if all of this wasn’t enough, outdoor enthusiasts will welcome the fact that Ottawa features all four seasons, which is not so common in the so-called Great White North.

Romantic and picturesque architectural styles are a trademark of the capital.

Windsor Is the Closest You Will Ever Be to the US

In the middle of the largest trans-border conurbation in North America lies Windsor, one of the cheapest cities to live in Canada, according to international real-estate company Point2 Homes. The average house price is around $289,000. If you are worried that your budget won’t cover the cost of living in Canada, pick Windsor as your next home. It is cheap, and there are plenty of affordable entertainment options that will keep you happy.

The city is connected with the rest of the country with Riverside Drive and many other roads. If you are moving with kids, know that they will have the chance to play in parks that overlook the Detroit skyline. Also, every year there is the Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival, which will make you feel like you never left the US at all.

Riverside Drive connects the city with the rest of the country, but Ambassador Bridge connects Detroit with Windsor.

Waterloo Is One of Canada’s Tech Capitals

For many, Waterloo is the site of Napoleon’s final battle that took place in Belgium. For others, it is the name of ABBA’s most famous song. But for Canadians, it is the name of a beautiful town. Waterloo is one of the best cities to live in Canada because of its vast recreational options, diverse population, affordable housing, and broad employment opportunities. Being a part of Canada’s Technology Triangle (CTT), it is one of the country’s largest tech centers, with hundreds of tech firms headquartered there.

Waterloo’s Biggest Employers

With unemployment rates lower than the national average and a higher median household income, Waterloo is a perfect place for people looking for work. Besides the high tech sector, the economy is based on the insurance industry and two prestigious universities. The biggest employers here are Sun Life Financial and the University of Waterloo, but you can find work in many other companies. Waterloo is also a town where a few high-tech companies found a home:

  • Google
  • Vidyard
  • Kik Messenger
  • Aeryon Labs
  • BlackBerry
  • Maplesoft
  • ON Semiconductor

Besides high-tech companies, breweries and distilleries play a significant part in the economy of the town. Also, the local government encourages filmmakers to use many beautiful Waterloo locations for filming.

When thinking about moving to the northern American neighbor, consider Waterloo as an option. Its stable and diverse economy can provide you with a highly paid job, as well as a great and friendly community.

Waterloo population has been on the rise since 2006.

Peterborough Is a Friendly Place

According to a survey by Expedia, Peterborough is one of the friendliest cities in the country. That might explain the steady growth of the population. Everybody wants to spend time in this great place. The Canada 2016 Census states that over 81,000 people have a residence in Peterborough.

When moving to Ontario, don’t overlook Peterborough. It can give you not only excellent entertainment options but also plenty of work opportunities in food processing, electronics, biotech, and automotive supplies.

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