Top 9 Best Vegan Cities in the World to Move To

Posted Country Guides / March 31, 2020
Blake Shaw

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Did you know that a global switch to a meat-free diet would avert around eight million premature deaths per year? If you are concerned about your health and you are looking for the best vegan cities in the world to relocate to, we’ve prepared a few suggestions to help you decide.

London Is One of the Best Vegan Cities in the World

Did you know that the capital of the UK has more than 150 fully vegan restaurants? Those include joints that serve plant-based substitutes of chicken, pizza, and sushi. That’s why, when moving to London, you should take some time and explore its vivid restaurant scene.

Check out Young Vegans Pizza Shop and have some meat-free pizza, or visit the world’s first vegan chicken shopThe Temple of Seitan, and try some veggie burgers or chicken wings. London is one of those places that makes all vegans feel welcome, and that can be seen in the vast offer of more than a few friendly spots all over the metropolis.

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The Diversity Will Leave You Speechless

Data from the website of the registered charity The Vegan Society shows that the number of vegans in the UK quadrupled between 2014 and 2019. Last year, there were 600,000 of them, and it’s predicted that by 2025, people who don’t eat meat will make up to a quarter of the country’s total population. With these numbers, it’s only logical that there are more than a few bakeries, coffee shops, and smoothie bars all over the capital.

Have some cupcakes or sweet dough, and for those craving ice cream – can check out Yorica and be amazed by the vast selection of flavors. Remember, London is a pretty big place, but if you ship your car, you will be able to reach all of the vegan-friendly joints and enjoy the diverse offer of food.

It is not all about the food, either. You can also spend some money on ethical and animal-free clothing, in shops such as The Third Estate, and get a new hairdo in London’s first vegan hair salon, The Rabbit Hole.

San Francisco, California Is Famous for Being Friendly

If you are moving to San Francisco, be prepared for openness, acceptance, and overall diversity of the population and lifestyles. Foodies will love checking out eateries that serve animal-free tofu, burritos, and sandwiches.

When you want to explore the area, sign up for the Anchor Brewing Tour, and have a pitcher of cold brew. If you don’t feel like going out, you can always cook for yourself, and there are some great places where you can get your organic groceries.

Don’t Get Suprised by the Accessibility of Vegetarian Groceries

San Francisco is a city that caters to the needs of its diverse residents. That’s why you can find a long list of markets and shops where you can get all of the vegetarian groceries you need. Stop by Golden Market, Green Earth Natural Foods, or Clement Street Farmers Market and get everything you need to become a master in the kitchen.

In Berlin, You Will Find All Kinds of Restaurants for Vegans

If you are moving to Germany, you will more likely than not consider Berlin as your next destination, and why not? The capital of the country has a vast offer of not only job opportunities but entertainment options for all of its residents. If you are a foodie that does not eat animal products, settling down in Berlin will be a great decision.

Check out 100% vegan restaurants like Vöner, Stella Nera, or Sfizy Veg and have all kinds of food, from pizza to plant-based kebabs. If you are craving something sweet or a cup of good coffee, there are excellent coffee shops you can visit. If you want to have a fun day out, especially if you are moving with kids and you want them to share your passion for veganism, check out markets and corner shops all over Berlin.

Great Pop up Markets Make Berlin One of the Best Vegan Cities

There is an impressive array of pop up markets you can explore. Markthalle Neun, Turkish Market, and Bite Club are just some of the spots you can visit and get groceries or grab a lemonade and a cupcake. Make sure you check when they are open for visitors because some of them only work on specific days of the week.

Los Angeles Has Gourmet and Local Specialties for Its Vegan Residents

If San Francisco is not up to your speed, consider settling down in Los Angeles – it has a similar culture and can accommodate different lifestyles. LA has the upper hand, though, when it comes to the vast offer of vegan-friendly gourmet and local specialties. You can indulge yourself with Instagram-worthy meals, as well as sweet and unique deserts. When you are done eating your way through the city, you can check happenings all around. It’s LA, after all; there is always something fun to do.

Embrace the Lifestyle: Check out the Vegan Street Fair

If LA has something that other cities don’t, it’s this free public event. It features more than 150 vendors, and if you are willing to spend some money, you will find some of the best eats and drinks you ever had. There are even street fairs and exchanges you can partake in.

Toronto Has No Shortage of Bakeries and Diners

Living in Toronto will be exciting, especially if you enjoy fine and diverse dining. There is no shortage of restaurants and bakeries that can accommodate all of your meatless desires. From plant-based burgers, hotdogs, and perogies, to gluten-free breakfasts and fruit smoothies, there is something for everybody. It doesn’t matter where you settle down; most Toronto neighborhoods have their own joint you can frequently visit.

Tel Aviv Has Plenty of Restaurants for You to Enjoy

If you decided to relocate to Israel, you should know that Tel Aviv is one of the leading vegan cities in the world. When you are done with your international move, you can put some good shoes on and go exploring. With more than 400 veggie and meat-free restaurants, you won’t lack dining out options in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Is All About Quality: Food and Services

If you expect to find delicious falafels and veggie kebab shops on every corner, you won’t be disappointed. After all, Tel Aviv is a pioneer in the plant-based meat industry, and that’s why here you will find more artificial meat companies than anywhere on the planet. If you are not up for falafels, this metropolis can offer you so much more: from pizzas and burgers to Ethiopian-style dishes.

Warsaw Offers Traditional Polish Dishes With a Twist

When it comes to moving across the world, you should consider how your new place fits your lifestyle, and if you are not a meat fan, consider Warsaw in Poland as your next destination. There are around 40 restaurants where you will find plant-based meals that vary from sushi to traditional Polish dishes. Besides, more people speak English than not, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the language barrier to have a decent meal.

Portland Is Very Welcoming

Portland should be in every guide to the best vegan cities because it offers plenty of fun activities for all of those folks who don’t eat meat or other animal products. Jot down in your calendar the Tofurky Trot Event, held every Thanksgiving, and meet like-minded locals.

Many people choose Portland as their next home because of its openness to people who don’t eat meat. There are three eateries you should check out because they are here to stay: Bye and Bye, Canteen, and The Sudra. With the food they have on the menu, you’re bound to keep coming back for more.

New York City Is Home to Diverse Food Offers

When moving to New York, prepare to be amazed. Metropolis is home to every kind of lifestyle imaginable, and you can get any meat alternative you are craving. From the breakfast menu with fake bacon to tofu and eggplant-based lunch, living in the City of Dreams will be a dream come true for every real foodie.

Think About Affordability: Save up by Cooking at Home

NYC is not the most affordable city, and if you want to save a couple of bucks, think about cooking at home. If you are not Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, NYC offers plenty of plant-based cooking classes you can take up.

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