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You’ve been packing and organizing for some time and everything is ready and prepared for the moving day. But here are some tips for what to do on the moving day before the movers arrive.

moving day preparation

The entire relocation process can be quite stressful and tiring for you and your family, both mentally and physically. Plenty of people have had to move at some point in their lives and most have strived to make it a flawless experience, but most have failed. But with good preparation and organization, a little bit of foresight, and you can make it an exciting experience that doesn’t necessarily have to be as stress inducing as it seems first, and you can try and make it go as smoothly as possible. Hopefully you’ve done everything properly before the moving day came around, and before the movers are at your home, ready to carry everything out, you can go through these simple tips and prepare your home to make the move as easy of a task as you can.

Clear out your home

By this we mean clearing out space for everything to be moved safely and easily and for everyone to move freely. An important task, that isn’t that hard but people tend to avoid doing it. Make your house clean and clear out any important pathways, this will make it easier for the movers, and everyone else, to move around.

Kids and/or pets

When the moving day comes around, beside all the hassle of the move, you don’t need an added extra hassle of kids and/or pets running around, worrying about them getting hurt or getting in the way. This is exactly the reason why you should consider moving kids and pets to somewhere else on moving day, maybe to a friend or a family member, for that day, if you can’t do that, consider hiring a babysitter.

Dropping stuff you don’t need

Basically, what this means is, get rid of your junk, any items that you don’t need that much or don’t really plan on moving to your new home. Another thing you should factor in is that most moving companies charge based on the total weight of your items. So this not only makes the packing and moving easier, it helps with you budget too. Think of items you haven’t used in a long time, nor do you intend on using them again. The ones you don’t plan on taking with you, you can donate to a charity or gift to a friend or family member.

Prepare ‘essentials’ for the moving day

Prepare a box or a suitcase of ‘essentials’ for each family member, when we say essentials, this means any items that come to mind that you’ll need on the moving day or the first day in your new home, whilst all of your possessions are packed in moving boxes. So a change of clothes, snacks, meds, entertainment, toothbrushes and anything else that comes to mind.

Checklist and inventory

Make an inventory of all of your items, how they’re packed and where, their original condition before the move etc. Making a checklist will surely make this easier for you, and you can go through it after the move too.

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