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Plan to live on 6 months with no income

The consequence to moving to Hawaii without a job already waiting for you is the fact that you are probably going to be living at least 6 months without any income. Hawaii is definitely going to be a huge change to your life in all aspects like culture, finance, geography, and even physically. It will be a real hassle for you to firstly get adapted to your surroundings then to be on the lookout for a job after you have settled in. This is why it is best to plan ahead and do your best to find any form of work before you relocate here.

How to Get a Job in Hawaii before moving there


One of the best ways to finding a job in Hawaii is by getting a good referral from a person that lives and works in the state. This will give you a better chance of finding a job before you relocate there than someone sending emails via LinkedIn or Craigslist.

Online connections

Learning about the lifestyle of Hawaii by reading blogs over the internet is not the only perk to only life. The web can be used to directly contact people who live in Hawaii. While you don’t have the opportunity to be physically there yet, you can still make a lot of good connections with real people online on websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Most of these websites have groups where people are in a similar situation like yourself or are on the lookout for a job and together you can go over ways on how to reach your goal.

Research your profession when finding a job in Hawaii

One of the most difficult troubles people often go through when searching for a job in Hawaii is finding one that has to do with their profession. You are going to need to do all the research you possibly can with the connection your profession has with the island and this includes essential facts such as: the average salary, how many people with your job are already employed, supply and demand of the job market, 10 top employers, what can you do to better the market, and what it is going to cost you to relocate here.

You don’t want to be an outsider in your industry when you arrive in Hawaii, so do get all the information you need and demonstrate your commitment to this place to increase your chances of locating a job here.

Connect with local communities in finding a job in Hawaii

If you happen to have a profession or college/university degree then be on the lookout for associations, meetups, luncheons, trade shows, that have to do with your practice in Hawaii. Be sure to get involved and show your interests as soon as you discover them. Contact as much people as you can and try to be as unique and sincere in your desire to help them. By creating these connections you will put yourself in a great position for an easy transition to meeting those same people in person when you actually get to the island.

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