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The phrase ‘aloha’ may be a greeting, but it is so much more than that. Aloha is the type of lifestyle that the locals live by in Hawaii. It is a sense of peace and free minded nature that expresses love and compassion throughout the culture of Hawaii. If you wish to relocate here then you are going to have to respect and live by this nature to feel at home in this beautiful island


Unless you have ever lived on an island in the past, it is going to take a while for you to adjust to your new surroundings. It might take a while for you to get used to the fact that you are living the center of a huge body of water with no marks of a land near sight.  This may get you feeling isolated at times because it is almost impossible to go on big road trips here, almost everything is near. Everything that follows is different especially the culture and lifestyle. The whole experience might come off as a shock if you are not prepared or used to these types of surroundings. Island Fever might catch you quickly, but don’t worry because as time goes by it will pass.

Volcano Insurance

If you wish to move to the Big Island you’re going to want to get some volcano insurance. There are certain properties here that are going to be listed by Lava Zones. If your house happens to be in Lava Hazard 1 – this means that there is a bigger risk of damage because of an eruption and any other number higher means that chances are slimmer. Don’t let this frighten you because it doesn’t mean there will be terrible damage and it is pretty unlikely that a volcano will erupt in your lifetime.


You are going to have to love spam because it is going to be in almost every cuisine you try out on the island. Don’t let the sound of it gross you out because the food is actually really well cooked and used in many different ways, just check out some of the spam recipes online.  

The Prices

The only downside to this paradise on earth is the prices of ordinary things like milk and gas. There is a big difference to the range of prices on the island than anywhere else on the mainland which is why it is going to take you a while to adjust financially. The prices of housing are also over the top and they can even triple the cost of the other states in the country.  You are also probably going to have to pay higher prices for things like the internet.

Respect the Locals

The fact that you are living in Hawaii does not make you Hawaiian so don’t start calling yourself Hawaiian because it is quite disrespectful for the race. It would be the same thing as calling yourself Chinese if you moved to China because Hawaiian people are a race of their own. You also can’t really consider yourself local just for moving to the island. Take the time to embrace the culture and make new friends so that you can slowly start earning your place as a local.

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