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This beautiful Hawaiian island has nearly 2.5 million visitors each year which is why tourism really affects the lifestyle of Maui. The whole island is made up of sun, lush rain forests and waterfalls, pristine beaches, volcanoes, and even windswept plains that make the island unique and differ from the other islands. There is also plenty to do in Maui; to hear more about this paradise on earth, stay tuned for more!

Living in Maui

Out of all of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is the second largest in area. It consists of numerous volcanic islands in the central Pacific Ocean stretching in a 1,500-mile crescent from Kure Island in the northwest to the Big Island of Hawaii in the east, holding an area of 6,459 square miles. The other eight islands that Hawaii is made up of, from west to east, include Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii.

Maui is pretty expensive which is why it has been given the title „The Playground of the Wealthy“, but there are still plenty of things you can do here, even if you are on a budget . The island of Maui is made up of beaches that are mostly along the West Coast. The sun is almost always shining here and the volcanoes in the center of the island block most of the precipitation from ever touching the leeward side of the island. Even though parts of Maui’s west coast are mostly dry and barren, the eastern parts of the island are a scenic and green paradise with boastful waterfalls in many valleys. Locals and tourists enjoy the Hana Highway because it is situated along the way to the sleepy town of Hana in the bay. Who would have ever thought that the Hana Highway would be one of Maui’s main attractions and an adventure on its own? Here you can find 617 hairpin curves; 56 one-lane bridges; 56 streams; beautiful waterfalls; cliffs swathed in green; and white, black, and even red sand beaches. So much trails and gardens are included here to explore even though you may be on a highway.

Haleakala is a volcano that gives you an amazing view of one of the world’s best sunrises and sunsets. From the top you can also witness beautiful flora and fauna which in some cases exists nowhere else on Earth. There is plenty of hiking trails that you can walk through to not only explore the volcano, but to also admire the sun, locate a rare plant, and take in the culture and legends that the volcano has to offer.

For a reason it is said that Maui has the best nightlife in all of Hawaii. Here there are plenty of ways to amuse yourself when it comes down to entertainment so get ready to be breath taken by some amazing dancers, glitzy crooners, and an explosion of costumes, colors, culture, and creative masters. Apart from nightlife, experience the art scene some more by visiting some of Maui’s galleries and museums.

In conclusion, there is plenty to see and do in Maui, but the rest is for you to discover, so get to packing because living here will give you the opportunity to explore all of its treasures!