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We have put together some facts on what it is like to rent or buy a house in Hawaii. In both cases you have a lot of benefits. Like for instance, if you wish to buy a home this will automatically give you the security and stability every homeowner has. Renting out a good place can sometimes be difficult to locate and you won’t be able to get the flexibility of home ownership. Renting can also have a positive side effect if you are planning on moving here because it can give you time to find the perfect place or the ideal area where you might want to purchase your future home. It can also give you time to research all the neighborhoods and visit different home openings so that you can make the best decision. Nearly almost half of Hawaii’s residents rent out their homes so know that you are not alone. When choosing what works best for you be sure to get a good real estate agent to help you out with the whole process. Hawaii Life is a popular real estate agency on the island that has plenty of good reviews.

How much does a house cost in Hawaii?

Rent Cost

If you wish to rent out a place in Hawaii there is a different estimate on costs on each island. Know for a fact that it is a lot more expensive than renting out a property on the mainland. Prices here often come as a shock to people, but then again paradise should never be a cheap price. A place that is around 600 square feet in Hawaii can be about $1000 a month. Small two bedroom apartments in Hawaii are around $500-$1000, sometimes even more. If you wish to rent out a nice accommodation or a larger apartment, the prices can go up to $3000 a month. The economy participates a lot because the prices vary from island to island.

The downside to renting a place on the island is the high cost of living. Employees here barely make enough money to have the opportunity to pay their rent. This is bad if you plan on staying for long term because you won’t have money saved up. Soon you are going to have to deal with all these issues and figure out a way to make ends meet because living here may seem like a vacation, but it most certainly is not. Housing is just the start of all the expenses you are going to have the go through even with everyday necessities such as groceries, insurances, health costs, and more. Almost everything is more expensive than it is on the mainland.

Best time to relocate

The best time to relocate here is between March and May or from August to October because this is when there aren’t as much tourists on the island. The weather during these periods is practically perfect and the rental rates, flights and accommodations should be more affordable.

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