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There are plenty of opportunities for newcomers on the third most populated island in Hawaii- the Big Island. The island itself is greatly large and may be nearly the size of Connecticut. Due to the Kilauea Volcano, the island is growing on a daily basis.

There are approximately five main volcanoes to be located on the island. Even though it may be the biggest, this island is the youngest out of all of the Hawaiian Islands dating back 800,000 years. The whole area of the island is filled with waterfalls, giant cliffs, rivers of lava, snow on mountain peaks, deserts, lava fields, rainforests and valleys of beauty. There is flora and fauna unlike anywhere else. Most of the beaches here are made out of black sand and there are even some that contain green sand. If you are a hiker or a horseback rider, then you are especially going to enjoy the Big Island with everything you have to explore. Snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, SCUBA diving, the options you have are endless.

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is located on the Hilo and Puna region of the island; here you can find lots of rainfall that makes the beautiful lush and green surroundings come to life.  Here you will be able to witness nature’s greatest wonders-the erupting volcanoes in person, and take in an experience you will never forget in a lifetime. The only way, unfortunately to see the lava is by helicopter because of all the smoke that is coming from the caldera. If you really want to get to know all the parts of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and experience it more, then it is best to go when you have the whole day free, maybe even two so that you can venture through it all.  Here you can find plenty of parks and many stops that provide you with displays of the history of the area. Be careful of the volcanic smog when coming to the park.

Nobody really understands how big the island is and the size of it is easily forgotten, but you will soon be able to experience this while taking a drive through the island. Quick and fast stops during a drive don’t exist here as they do on other islands. Here everything is so big and diverse that can give you a feel as if you were on a road trip. The size only means there is plenty to explore so don’t let it scare you off the Big Island.

Only here you can have the privilege to walk near lava, go skiing in snow, surf, snorkel and even visit a rainforest that has some cool species. This island truly emits the aura of Hawaii that everyone wants to experience when they come here to visit. This is why you should take the chance you can get and relocate here if you are up for a life that is full of adventure, but also a home where you can spend time with family or friends in one of the world’s paradises.

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