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Moving is difficult. Moving internationally even more so. However, as with any challenge in life, it is a great learning opportunity. If you are moving internationally, try to see it as a challenge, not as a hurdle. Without a doubt, you will definitely learn a couple of things along the way.

1. Deciding on the moving day is hard.

Before you even begin your relocation process, you will have to decide when you want to move. And that decision is harder than it seems. Should you move in the summer, when it’s generally more convenient, but also the most crowded? Or should you move in the winter, when you’ll have to deal with the weather, but the relocation will cost you less? Should you have movers pick up your belongings over the weekend, which is probably more convenient for you? Or should you save some money by having them come on a Wednesday?

2. You own way more things than you need.

Once you start preparing for the packing process, you will realize just how massive the amount of things you don’t need is. From clothes that don’t fit anymore, to plates you’ve never used in your life, to books you forgot you even had. Use this as an opportunity to get rid of all that clutter from your home (and your life!). Give it to friends, donate to charity, sell it, or simply throw it out.

3. To-do lists are your best friends.

Moving time is demanding, not only physically, but mentally as well. With so many things you need to think about at once, you are bound to forget something. Don’t let that happen – make use of to-do lists! Write a general to-do list for the whole moving process. In addition to that one, create to-do lists for every day leading up to the moving date.

4. Things rarely go according to plan.

Planning for the moving day is important. But no matter how much you plan, something you didn’t anticipate will inevitably happen. What if there’s rain on the moving day? What if you accidentally break something while packing? What if you end up having less packing material than you need? You should know that all these things are possible and, more importantly, that it’s not the end of the world. Any obstacle can be overcome if you keep your cool.

5. Renting a home from another country is difficult.

If you are moving to another country, you might be planning on renting your old home instead of selling it. While this seems like a good plan, especially financially, you should know that it is way more difficult than it seems. You will need to find someone responsible, reliable, and willing to do all the work for you. This person would have to keep in touch with the tenants, collect monthly rent, make sure everything is in order, and so on.

6. Finding a new home in another country is even harder.

You might know what to do with your old home, but what about your new one. Best case scenario – you know someone in your destination country who can help you look for a house before you move. If not, you should probably consider renting a place temporarily while looking for a permanent residence.

The challenges of moving internationally are plentiful, but the experience you gain from it can be invaluable! Keep the above mentioned things in mind next time you move abroad. And if you need someone to help you with the moving process, don’t hesitate to contact I Love Moving!

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