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We are used to endless lists of things to do and see in those popular states and cities, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the same amount of fun in one of the smallest states. So, if you’re ready to find out what is Connecticut known for, we know a few interesting things about the third smallest state in the US, also known as the Land of Steady Habits, and we can’t wait to share them with all of you planning on international moving.

This one of the most beautiful American states in terms of natural beauties
Experience the most beautiful fall colors in the place with a long leaf-peeping season

Located in southern New England, CT has a population of around 3.5 million residents, and in terms of surface, only Delaware and Rhode Island are smaller states. It offers a mix of coastal cities and rural areas, so those of you who are thinking about moving to Connecticut can find the best of both worlds. But what is Connecticut famous for? A place with so many nicknames surely has something to offer, right? Let’s start from there and discover what makes CT famous.

Is Connecticut Famous for Anything? The History Behind Its Nicknames

Every country or city is known for something, so just because you have not heard of it, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing worth mentioning. If you’re moving to another country, you are probably more focused on documents needed to travel during the Coronavirus outbreak, or the cost of living in Connecticut, than on the things to do in Connecticut.

But those who are living in Connecticut are probably well aware and proud of all the things their small state is or should be famous for. The truth is, many people don’t know what all the things that come from CT are, but they have surely heard of one of its many nicknames, the Constitution State. So let’s find out how CT earned this and a few other noteworthy nicknames:

  • The Constitution State – This is considered to be the official nickname of CT. It comes from the fact that CT adopted Fundamental Orders back in 1639, which is considered to be the first written constitution, the earliest document of that kind in western civilization.
  • The Nutmeg State – This is another popular nickname that CT owes to its early inhabitants. Accordingly, they were so ingenious that they were making and selling fake wooden nutmegs.
  • The Land of Steady Habits – This is something that made it even to the dictionary of Americanisms, and it refers to the strict morals of CT inhabitants.

How Connecticut Got Its Name

CT was named after the River Connecticut, which is the longest river in New England. The word itself is derived from a Mohegan Indian word “Quonehtacut,” which means “beside a long tidal river.” The river valley is packed with things to do, and it offers more than four hundred miles of trails for kayak and canoe exploration.

Pieces of American History: All Connecticut’s Firsts

We all know that history remembers only the firsts ones. No one remembers who did it second. The first one counts, and in that category, CT has a few interesting competitors. So let’s take a look at the list of the things that made CT famous since they occurred here first:

  • Color TV
  • Hamburger
  • Polaroid camera
  • Phone book
  • Helicopter
  • Nuclear-powered submarine
  • The speed limit law
  • Frisbee
Thimble Island is one of the most photographed landmarks
Thimble island is one of the most scenic places to visit

Why Do People Go to Connecticut? Yale University and Other Hot Topics

You would be surprised to find out how many expat communities there are in CT. Sure, moving to CT might not be as popular among Americans as moving to Canada and its main hubs Vancouver and Toronto, but expats from all over the globe don’t mind breaking the language barrier and moving abroad to CT for one of these reasons.

To Go to Yale University

Many people move across the world to get a top-notch education. And since CT is home to one of the famous Ivy League universities, Yale University, many are packing for moving overseas just to study here. People are also moving with kids or plan to raise a family here due to the high reputation of educational institutions in CT. But, of course, that is not the only reason for visiting or moving internationally to CT.

To Enjoy the View of Its Natural Beauties

In CT, you can experience all four seasons, but there is no such thing as a fall in CT. Not only that, you can witness some amazing color patterns, but CT also has the longest leaf-peeping season in New England. It is a perfect season for scenic bike rides, hiking, or even road trips and other outdoorsy activities. There are festivals and special events dedicated to this season, but if you’re there for that instagrammable picture, check out these spots that offer the best views between the beginning of October and November. In December, it usually starts to snow, so that is another occasion for chasing scenic landscapes.

To Explore Its Lighthouse Roads

Lighthouses are a symbol of this region’s coastline, and CT has 14 active lighthouses, which you can admire from the water or the coast. If you ever saw a photo of a lighthouse in New England, it was probably one of these because they are the most photographed. There are sightseeing cruises that will take you on a memorable scenic journey.

To Watch Connecticut Sports Teams

Although CT is not home to any major league teams, it has several professional sports teams and many major college sports teams. So whether you’re into baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, or lacrosse, you can watch a game of it like a local.

To Visit Some of Many CT State Parks

Silver Sands State Park, located in Milford, and Hammonasset Beach State Park, which is the largest beach in CT, are two of the most beautiful places for outdoor activities, from picnic to sunbathing or playing sports. Another spot from this category you shouldn’t miss is Gillette Castle, State Park. Although it is a bit touristy, it certainly is a must-see if you’re looking to become a local. It is often referred to as the “medieval castle,” but it was actually built between 1914 and 1919. The castle itself has an interesting exterior and interior, and it is surrounded by beautiful gardens and parks. Take a look at this video to get familiar with some of the many CT’s stunning parks.

4 Beautiful Cities You Have to Visit

If you’re wondering how to live in another country and pick the best spot to settle down, you should first explore some of its cities. Many usually opt either for the capital Hartford or Yale City, which is why we decided to present you with something else. We curated a brief list of the most beautiful cities that are worth visiting and staying in for good:

  • Stamford – Since Stamford is only around 40 miles away from NYC, the third-largest city in CT is a very popular and lively place. Some say its downtown area feels a lot like NYC.
  • Mystic – The historic seaport of Mystic is very popular among locals and tourists due to its beautiful harbor on the Mystic River banks.
  • Norwalk – Located on the Norwalk River banks, this charming town is also close to NYC, but we place it on the list due to its lively waterfront, loads of small shops, restaurants, and museums. The main attraction is its large aquarium, home to many colorful fishes and mammals.
  • Stonington – This is the oldest settlement in CT, founded in 1662, and it offers that small-town charm, with a touch of history, an ideal location for a day trip.
What is your definition of an American dream? We suggest charming coastal cities like Norwalk.
Hartford might be the capital, but there are many other beautiful cities to see, like Norwalk

What Food Is Connecticut Known for? 5 Iconic CT Delicacies You Should Taste

Tasting local food is something that is inevitable, whether you’re traveling or moving abroad, since food is a huge part of everyone’s tradition. We already mentioned that the first hamburger was made here, and we’ll tell you all about that, but hamburgers are not the only food worth tasting in CT. Try some of these local specialties to relieve all that moving stress and get a taste of local dishes:

  • Apizza – New Haven-style pizza, also known as apizza, is a thin crust and coal-fired Neapolitan pizza that is typical for New Haven and its surroundings.
  • Hot Lobster Rolls – Like this entire region, CT is also known for fresh lobsters, but here they serve them hot in lettuce in a buttered and toasted bread roll.
  • Clam Pie – Besides apizza, New Haven has another unique dish, which is clam pie. It is something like a pizza with seafood, which combines the locals’ love for seafood and appreciation for CT’s Italian history.
  • Steamed Cheeseburger – the steamed burger is another CT specialty, and the secret is, they don’t grill it. They cook the meat in custom-built steam cabinets. Ted’s restaurant has served them since 1959, and we are sure that once you try these, you’ll come back for more.
  • Apple Cider Doughnuts – As our last choice, we picked something sweet that you can find here year-round. You can find these doughnuts in a few other places in the United States, but we are sure these will beat them all.

A Century-Old Story About the First Hamburger and Where to Taste the Original One

If you thought hamburgers were made in Germany, you were wrong. The very first hamburger was created back in 1900 by Louis Lassen from New Haven. His customer wanted something quick and delicious, so he used ingredients prepared for a steak sandwich and assembled them into a hamburger, and voila! The rest, as they say, is history. So if there needs to be one answer to the question of what food is Connecticut known for, it would be hamburger. This dish’s popularity grew rapidly, and it’s now one of the most popular fast food joints worldwide. The Lassen family still makes hamburgers using the same methods. They moved several times but now they can be found at 263 Crown Street in New Haven. Make sure to stop by.

Would you like to taste an original American hamburger? Then there's no better place than CT.
Is hamburger your favorite American fast food? Then you're in the right place, order a take-out and go on a picnic.

What Are Fun Facts About Connecticut? 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Every place has some interesting or weird facts that made it famous, and CT is not an exception. For example, did you know that the official song of CT is “Yankee Doodle”? It is believed that this song boosted the soldiers’ morale and helped them win the Revolutionary War in the 18th century. Let’s discover some other interesting information.

10 Interesting Facts and Stats About CT

Ready to discover more about CT? Here is our list of some things unique to CT:

  • In Hartford, it is illegal to walk on your hands when crossing the street
  • In Devon, it is illegal to walk backwards once the sun goes down
  • Connecticut’s ethnic roots: Italian 18.6%, Irish 16.6%, English 10.3%, German 9.9%, French 9.9%.
  • The Hartford Courant is the oldest newspaper still being published in the US. The first number was released in 1764.
  • The Scoville Memorial Library in Connecticut started its collection in 1771, which makes it the oldest public library in the United States.
  • Out of all states, CT is the only one with an official composer, hero, and heroine
  • In 1889 the first public payphone in the US was installed in CT’s capital: Hartford
  • The official animal: sperm whale
  • 15,000 years ago, CT was covered by a glacier, which makes this region very young in comparison to the rest of the world
  • The PEZ candy company is situated in Orange, CT, not in Orange County, but it originally comes from Austria
Hartford is not another typical American capital city
Hartford is the capital with a long history and one of the best cities to stay in CT

Now When You Know What Is Connecticut Known for, It Is Time to Pick Your International Moving Company

As you see, CT has plenty of things to offer, which is why you should consider learning how shipping a car overseas works and investing in overseas vehicle shipping. Whether you opt for international moving by sea or moving by air, you shouldn’t forget the cost of packing services, moving boxes, renting storage, and custom crating. And don’t worry about how you’re going to keep in touch with friends, just forward them this article, and they’ll be more than excited to come over and visit you in CT.