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When moving to Connecticut, you will be staying in the fourth-most densely populated state in the US. It has not only a high standard of living, but it is also a place with outstanding natural beauty. From mountains to beaches and countryside, this is the place where outdoor enthusiasts will thrive. Add a low crime and unemployment rates, and you have a location ideal for everybody, from young professionals to families.

If you chose to relocate to the home of the first hamburger and automobile law, you have to go over some basic questions like Is it expensive to live in Connecticut?, and Is it worth moving to Connecticut? To help you speed up the process, we broke down all the necessary things you need to know before becoming a CT resident.

Is Connecticut a Good State to Live In

Before you undergo the relocation process, you should be sure of the decision you made. There are a lot of things that make CT an excellent spot for those looking for a fresh start. A mix of high-quality living, culture, job opportunities, and beautiful scenery makes this place a real paradise for families and young professionals, artists, and retired people.

Is It Safe to Live Here

No matter if you are moving across the world or from one state to another, the crime rates and safety levels will probably play a major role in your decision. When it comes to relocating to CT, you don’t have to stress too much about it, because, according to the website SafeWise, the crime rates are lower than the national average. The data shows that the violent crime rate is 2.1, which is much lower than the countrywide average of 3.7, and the same goes for property crimes.

Squantz Pond.
This is a great location to settle down in.

Is It Expensive to Live in Connecticut

Suppose you are moving on a low budget, every cent you save counts. That’s why before you relocate to CT, go over some of the basic monthly costs that you can’t avoid. For starters, according to the website BestPlaces, the median home price is $239,600. If you don’t want to buy a place but rent one, know that a one-bedroom apartment’s average price is $1,060, while two-bedroom flats can be rented for $1,330.

When it comes to utilities like heating, cooling, garbage, cable, gas, and the internet, the overall price would be around $440 a month. Basically, you are expected to pay $140 for electricity, $60 for the internet, $85 for cable, and $70 for water.

Also, if you love dining out more than you like to cook, be prepared to pay around $50 for a meal for two in a mid-range restaurant, while inexpensive eateries will charge you almost $25. Those that prefer home-cooked food should know that milk is around $3.25, while the loaf of bread is $2.60.

Finally, the answer to the question is it expensive to live in CT – well, even though the cost of living index is a bit higher than the national average, the paychecks are also. Meaning that you might pay extra for some stuff, but you will also earn more.

How Much Money Do You Need to Live Comfortably in Connecticut

When it comes to living comfortably, the amount of money needed will depend on your habits, lifestyle, and activities you partake in on a daily basis. However, the Economic Policy Institute broke down CT costs, showing just how much money you need. A family of two adults with two kids will need to earn around $109,500 a year, or around $9,125 a month.

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Put down on the paper all the expenses and you will see if the CT is pricey.

What Are the Best Places for Living in CT

Even though the CT is the third smallest state by area in the US, right after Rhode Island and Delaware, it has plenty of beautiful places you can call home. Avoid moving stress by gathering info about all cities you can relocate to.

The state is split into eight counties, with Fairfield, Hartford, and New Haven County being the most populous ones. Furthermore, since almost 88% of all the residents live in urban areas, you will probably opt for staying in one as well.

Would You Like to Live in the Largest City When Moving to Connecticut

In Fairfield County, Bridgeport, with its 144,400 residents, is the most populous place in the CT. Located only 60 miles from Manhattan and 40 miles from The Bronx, it is an ideal spot for those looking to escape the busy New York lifestyle but still stay close by.

Even though the city is known for its parks, such as Elton Rogers Woodland and Seaside park, you can also find some indoor types of activities. Check out more than one fun museum:

  • The Barnum Museum
  • The Housatonic Museum
  • The Discovery Museum and Planetarium.

Furthermore, when you are done with museums, you can stop by the Beardsley Zoo, learn about animals and ride on a few carousels.

What Makes Ridgefield an Excellent Place to Raise a Family

Are you relocating overseas and looking for the best place to live abroad with your family? Or you’re maybe relocating from one area in the US to another and searching for the spot to raise kids? If you have children or if you are planning on having them soon, consider settling down in Ridgefield because it is a very family-friendly place.

Ridgefield, located in Fairfield County, is not only the safest town in CT two years in the row but is also a place with one reported violent crime last year. It has nine public and two private schools, where you can enroll your children, and there is a preschool for the youngest ones.

Furthermore, when relocating with your family, you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. Just check out Seth Low Pierrepont Park, Pine Mountain, Hemlock Hills, and Lake Windwing. Partake in activities such as hiking and fishing, and if you are also relocating with your pet, especially dog, you will have plenty of areas where to play fetch.

What Are the Main Reasons to Move to Connecticut

When you decide to move, you probably already have a good reason why. However, if you are still on the fences about relocation to CT, go over the benefits that come with becoming a resident. You will see that there is more than one reason to move, and you won’t regret doing it.

What Kind of Job Market Does CT Have

When you were researching CT, you probably learned that it is a great place for career chasers. In fact, it is often ranked among the wealthiest states in the US. The current minimum wage is $12.00. A Public Act 19-4 signed by Governor Lamont in 2019 requires that the minimum increases by a dollar five times in the next five years, meaning that it will reach $15 in 2023.

With the unemployment rate lower than the national average, you will surely be able to land a job you want. Some of the fastest-growing jobs are web developer, nurses, industrial mechanics, and operations analyst.

Why People Love the Outdoors

Let’s start with the most obvious reason, the four seasons CT has. From aesthetically pleasing autumn foliage to a breathtaking view of cherry blossoms in the spring, the state is home to some of the most amazing sceneries in the US. One day you can fish and paddle in the lake, while on another, you can take a walk by the coastline enjoying long stretches of beaches.

Where Can You Shop Around CT

A big part of the CT charm has always been a variety of shops and boutiques that attract everybody from artists to high fashion buyers. No matter what you are looking for, there surely is a place where you can get it. Greenwich is a town with more than one local business store and county famous names such as Brooks Brothers and Vineyard Vines. Stop by Stonington and get some handcrafted jewelry from Indigo Bleau. Whatever you can’t find in CT, you’ll probably find in New York City, which is just a short ride away.

What Are the Main Pros of Relocating to Connecticut

When put down on the paper, there are many benefits of relocating to CT, but what comes up on the top of the list are overall job opportunities and beautiful scenery. Furthermore, the location itself is well connected with NY and Massachusetts, meaning that when relocating, if you ever want to change the scenery, Boston and NYC are just a short ride away. Add the fact that this is a very liberal state, with plenty of expats, and you got yourself a good place to call home.

What Are the Things People Moving Internationally Should Know About CT

If you decided to move to the United States, more precisely to CT, to chase your dreams, know that there are many things to consider when relocating abroad. Moving overseas particularly entails a lot of planning, that’s why you should figure out how to handle your finances in the best way possible, all while considering to buy a house or rent one.

The next thing you should prepare for is a culture shock, especially if you are coming from a more closed-off place rooted in old traditions. Not only that, but those relocating from the non-English speaking areas should think about all the ways they can break the language barrier. Take advantage of an overseas shipping company that can provide you with packing services and international moving services, leaving you with enough free time to research the tips for learning a new language. This way, you will be able to use English for some basic communication when you relocate to the US.

Why did you choose to relocate? Are you relocating for love? Or maybe you are moving with kids in the hope of giving them the best future possible? No matter the reason, you are leaving an old life behind and starting a new one. However, you should keep in touch with old friends and, at the same time, look for a way to make new ones. Luckily, CT is a very diverse area where around 400,000 residents are foreign-born, some of them are Italian, German, Polish, Irish, French, and English. All of this diversity leads to strong expat communities you can be a part of. When you are looking for a way to make friends when moving abroad, joining an expat group or two is the solution.

Are you considering bringing your car with you when relocating? If you want to figure out how shipping a car overseas works, contact an international moving company to guide you through the process. Don’t forget to check what documents you need in order to get the driver’s license in the US, and then let the overseas moving company ship the vehicle to your new home in CT.

Shipping overseas your whole life must seem scary, but if you make a moving checklist, hire professionals to help you, and do your research, everything will go without a hitch. You will soon become a resident of the CT, and all the trouble will be worth it.

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Learn English and you will easily find friends.

Is It Worth Moving to Connecticut

We went through everything that makes the state an excellent place to stay. Does having a well-paid job in a business of your choosing and plenty of entertainment opportunities sound tempting to you? Would you like to put down some roots in a safe place with four seasons and plenty of open spaces? If you would, it will surely be worth relocating to CT.