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  1. Pack room by room
  2. Label boxes in detail
  3. Color coordination
  4. Maximize space
  5. Ask for help
stress free international move - box labeling

Whether you are moving around the block or organizing each meticulous detail involved with long distance moving, planning your relocation is paramount in reducing stress and making sure that your move goes smoothly. Finding the correct long distance movers certainly helps, but those professionals can’t do everything for you. You have to take the initiative and prepare. Long distance moving has very little room for mistakes. The last thing you need is to find out that you missed a box or major item that is now a thousand miles away. Here are the 5 things to do to have a stress free international move:

1) Pack room by room

Moving methodically from room to room can prevent you from overlooking anything significant. It will also help you to keep boxes of materials together that will go together in your new home. If you can start with the rooms, you use sparsely so that you can knock out a big portion of your packing right off the bat.

2) Label boxes in detail

This does not mean that you need to list every single item in the box. It does, however, mean that you should list the room in which the box should be placed, as well as essential things in the box. If the box is full of belongings you rarely use or usually keep in storage, label it as “rarely used” with a few words of information about its contents. This will make the moving process, as well as the process of unpacking, go more smoothly, and you can choose to keep the things that previously cluttered closet space packed up neatly in storage.

3) Color coordination

While labeling all sides of a box is helpful during a long distance move, color coordination can enable fast sorting at a glance. This idea can be especially useful when packing for your children’s things. Find multicolored storage bags and assign a color to each person. Not only do bags hold more than the average cardboard box, but they are stronger and can be used as storage in the future.

4) Maximize space

If you are organizing your long distance relocation on your own, make sure to take full advantage of space in every vehicle. For example, if you are driving a moving truck and towing an additional car, fill that vehicle to capacity with anything that will not fit in the truck. Even if you have hired a professional moving company, consider using your own cars to pack as many things as possible. This should help keep the cost of your move down by preventing additional trips.

5) Ask for help

There are a few items that are too heavy to move. This is where the support of a professional long distance or international moving company comes in. These professionals have broken down the relocation process to a science. You do not have to compromise your physical health and well being by trying to carry a lot of heavy objects. Shop around to find a moving company that fits your budget and needs. Most importantly, use one that has a solid reputation, so you know your possessions are safe.

Now that you have read 5 things to do to have a stress free international move you should be more prepared to handle your move more easily. Nothing is going to take all the stress out of long distance relocation, but being proactive about it will help prevent unnecessary problems. Always have a plan and stick to it. Do you have any questions related to international shipping and moving? The professional team of international shipping experts at Sunset Moving would love to help you out. Contact us and we will promptly help you with your move in any way that we can.

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