How to Pack Toys for Moving – Keeping Cherished Playthings Safe

Posted How-to / June 18, 2024
Hannah Michaelson

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Relocating can be stressful, especially when it involves transporting precious items like your child’s favorite playthings. Learning how to pack toys for moving with an overseas shipping company is crucial to ensure these cherished belongings arrive safely at your new home. In this child-friendly moving guide, we’ll explore simple techniques to protect each toy during the relocation process, making unpacking a breeze.

How to Pack Toys for Moving?

When wrapping playthings for moving abroad, start by sorting them into categories like soft toys, board games, and electronics. Use clear plastic bins for easy identification and stackable storage. Wrap fragile items like action figures or model cars in bubble wrap and place them in sturdy, labeled boxes.

Secure puzzle boxes and board games with tape to prevent them from opening. For plush toys, use large garbage bags or fabric bins, which are breathable and flexible. Label each box clearly with its contents and destination room. This method keeps all playthings organized and ensures they arrive safely at your new home.

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Sorting and Decluttering Before Packing Children’s Toys for Moving

Keeping kids happy during relocation requires meticulous planning of your move and, above all – safe packaging of their precious belongings. Before you start wrapping children’s playthings for relocation across the world, it’s essential to sort and declutter them. This reduces the load and also helps organize the packaging process. Begin by categorizing items based on type and frequency of use.

Separate items that are often played with from those that have been neglected. Check for any broken or damaged items and set them aside. This initial step ensures that only the toys worth taking are packed, making your relocation more manageable and organized.

Deciding Which Toys to Keep, Donate, or Discard

Once you have sorted the toys, decide what to keep, donate, and discard. Keep those that are still in good condition and hold sentimental or educational value. Belongings that are gently used but no longer of interest to your children can be donated to local charities, hospitals, or libraries, offering a chance to enrich other children’s lives.

Discard playthings that are broken beyond repair or are missing essential parts. Making these decisions can be emotional, but it is a necessary step in the efficient relocation process.

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Involving Kids in the Sorting Process

Involving your children in the sorting process can make it more enjoyable and educational for them. Packing for kids teaches responsibility and decision-making skills. Let them decide which playthings are important to keep and which they are willing to get rid of – this helps foster a sense of independence.

One of the crucial relocation tips for decluttering children’s items is to explain the benefits of donating toys to less fortunate children. This will instill a sense of empathy and generosity. Additionally, involving kids can ease the emotional impact of moving internationally, as they feel they have control over their belongings. This collaborative approach not only lightens your task but also prepares them mentally for the upcoming change.

Choosing the Right Supplies for Packing Toys

To ensure playthings are packed and moved safely, choosing the right packaging supplies is crucial. Start with sturdy cardboard boxes in various sizes to accommodate different items. Clear plastic bins are excellent for seeing contents at a glance and provide added protection against moisture.

Invest in strong packaging tape to secure the boxes and bubble wrap or packaging paper for delicate items. Labeling materials such as markers or sticker labels are essential for identifying box contents and handling instructions.

Best Packing Materials for Toys

For maximum protection, select the best packaging materials for each type of toy. Bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping playthings with small parts or delicate surfaces. Soft toys can be bagged in large garbage bags or placed in fabric bins, which are breathable and prevent mold.

Use packaging paper or newspaper to fill empty spaces in boxes to prevent the toys from shifting during transport. When it comes to the safe transport of electronic or battery-operated toys, consider using anti-static bubble wrap.

Special Considerations for Different Types of Toys

Different types of items require different wrapping considerations. Board games and puzzles should be wrapped to prevent pieces from scattering – you can also consider taping them shut with residue-free tape. If you plan on shipping large items, be sure to disassemble them and wrap parts individually. The same goes for shipping a bike.

A Mover’s Expert Guide to Packing Common Types of Toys

When moving with kids, packing their playthings correctly is essential for ensuring they arrive safely and remain ready for immediate play. Here’s how to tackle different types of playthings, ensuring they’re protected and organized during your relocation to another country.

Moving Stuffed Animals and Dolls

Stuffed animals and dolls are usually more durable but can attract dirt and dust. So, how to wrap a stuffed animal? Before packaging, clean each item according to the care label. Lightweight plush toys can be placed in large garbage bags or fabric bins, which are breathable and flexible. Dolls with delicate parts or sentimental value should be wrapped individually in soft packaging paper or bubble wrap to prevent scuffing and placed in smaller boxes to avoid crushing.

Safely Packing Electronic and Battery-Operated Toys

Electronic and battery-operated items require special attention to prevent damage. First, remove any batteries to avoid leakage that could cause permanent damage during transit. Wrap each item in anti-static bubble wrap, which safeguards against electrical charges and physical impacts. Securely place these toys in sturdy, well-padded boxes, ensuring they don’t move around during transport.

How to Pack Small Pieces and Board Games

To prevent the loss of small pieces and components of board games, first tape the game boxes shut with residue-free tape. Wrap each box in packaging paper to avoid dents and scratches. You can also use small bags or containers to gather tiny pieces or figurines, labeling each bag clearly. Place these smaller items in their designated box, using bubble wrap or foam peanuts to fill any gaps.

Best Practices for Packing Outdoor and Large Toys

Outdoor and large toys often pose a challenge due to their size and shape. As mentioned, the first step is to clean and disassemble items like bicycles, playhouses, and large trucks. Wrap each component separately using moving blankets or large sheets of bubble wrap.

Secure the wrap with tape, ensuring all parts are covered and protected from scratches and dings. Use large boxes or custom crates for extremely large or awkwardly shaped items, filling empty spaces with padding materials to prevent shifting during the move.

Labeling and Organizing Toy Boxes

Labeling and organizing toy boxes correctly is essential for smooth moving overseas. Each box should be clearly labeled with its contents and the room it belongs in, using a permanent marker or printed labels. Consider using color-coded labels to differentiate between types of toys, such as educational, plush, and outdoor ones.

Labeling Boxes Clearly for Efficient Unpacking of Toys

Clear labeling is key to efficient unpacking. Include detailed descriptions on the labels, such as “action figures,” “stuffed animals,” or “LEGO sets.” Being very specific saves time during unpacking by avoiding unnecessary searching and reorganization. Make sure labels are visible on the top and at least one side of each box, facilitating quick identification in a stack of multiple boxes.

Creating an Efficient Unpacking System

To create an efficient unpacking system, prepare a designated “unpack first” box for each child’s favorite items. This approach helps in quickly setting up a familiar play area, making the new environment feel like home sooner. Organize the rest of the boxes so they can be unpacked gradually, prioritizing based on the frequency of use and importance to the child’s routine.

Tips for Keeping Kids Comforted and Engaged During the Move

Relocating overseas can be unsettling for children, but keeping them comforted and engaged can ease the transition. Maintain a routine as much as possible and involve them in simple wrapping tasks to make them feel part of the process. Have a small bag of favorite playthings that stay with your child throughout the move to provide comfort and a sense of familiarity.

This moving day toy kit can consist of items like a beloved stuffed animal, a few books, puzzles, or handheld electronic games. Ensure these items are versatile and comforting to keep your child entertained and calm during the hectic phases of relocating.

Setting up Playthings Quickly in the New Home

Once you arrive at your new home, prioritize setting up your child’s play area. This quick setup of familiar items can help with adjusting to a new environment and ensure your little one gets used to the new place sooner rather than later. If you’ve labeled toy boxes properly when wrapping them, now you won’t have any trouble organizing and arranging toys in designated areas.

Overwhelmed by the Idea of Packing on Your Own? Book a Professional Packing Service

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  • Professional packers are trained to pack efficiently and quickly, saving you valuable time.
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  • Freeing up your schedule from packing duties allows you to handle other moving logistics or work commitments.
  • Movers provide high-quality packing materials, ensuring that your belongings are well-protected.
  • Shipping overseas is logistically complex, so delegating this task reduces relocation stress.

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