Best Packing and Moving Tips for an Easier International Move

Posted Moving Tips and Tricks / April 14, 2022
Lucy Lucas

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International relocations can get quite stressful and overwhelming if you don’t take the time to prepare in advance. The best way to prepare for your relocation is by learning about some moving tips that can help everything go smoother. In today’s article, we are sharing with you some of the best moving tips and tricks you can apply on your next relocation.

Why Do You Need Packing and Moving Tips for an Easier Relocation?

If you’re in the middle of planning your relocation, and you are stressed out about all the tasks you have to finish on time, there’s probably one question that keeps popping up in your head – How can I make moving easier? The greatest solution for making the moving abroad process easier is organizing well and applying certain tips for moving.

Trying to finish everything properly and on schedule can get quite overwhelming, especially if you are relocating across the world. That’s why we made sure to research some of the best tips for moving and share them with you in this article.

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Preparing a Plan and Writing a Checklist Is a Must for Every Relocation

When preparing for moving overseas, the first thing you should do is make a proper plan and write down a checklist of all the tasks you must finish. Setting the date of your relocation should be the most important step. This usually depends on your reasons for relocating but should be set a few months in advance, so you have time to prepare and organize everything properly.

You should be careful not to choose to move during the holidays or weekends. Planning everything is super important, especially in these times when you have to travel abroad during covid-19, and each country has its own rules and regulations. Having a to-do list with all of the tasks you must finish before the move day can be useful big time.

Remember to Schedule Every Task on Your Moving Checklist

Once you prepare your relocation checklist, make sure you carefully schedule each task you have on it. At this point, you’re probably wondering, “How long before a move should I start packing?” You should figure out what’s going to take the longest and which tasks need to be finished as soon as possible – use this strategy to prepare the greatest plan for the move. 

Scheduling each task is going to help you organize properly, and you’ll know exactly what you have to do each day. This way, you’ll avoid the chance of making common relocation mistakes such as procrastination and being late.

A Household Inventory List Helps You Keep Track of All the Items You’re Going To Pack Much More Efficiently

Deciding what to pack when relocating abroad can get quite complicated, and most people don’t know how to prepare for this task. Throwing all of your belongings into boxes is not an option. Preparing well for boxing up might sound dreadful, but you will be thanking yourself for it the moment you start unpacking everything.

Creating a household inventory list means you’ll write down every single item you’re planning on shipping overseas. Having it all written down will give you an insight into all of the items that have to be packed and prepared for shipping. This way, you will also know how many materials and supplies you are going to require.

Decluttering Your Home Is a Step You Must Not Avoid

One of the most important tasks to have on your relocating abroad checklist is decluttering your home and getting rid of all the unnecessary items. Once you start preparing containers for moving internationally, you will see that most of the things you are planning to pack and move aren’t even used that often. This is why you need to examine each room in your home before you decide what to keep for relocating.

Anything that you don’t use anymore can either be thrown in the trash or donated. Donating to the ones in need is always a nice gesture, and you can always contact organizations such as GoodWill to find out where you can give away your things. By decluttering, you save hours and energy, but also money – the fewer things you have, the less money you will have to pay for shipment. That’s why decluttering is so great if you are relocating on a low budget.

Try to Find Boxes in Different Sizes and Various Supplies

When gathering materials for packaging your belongings, you should keep in mind that you should have different supplies and materials for different types of inventory. Obviously, you can’t use the same supplies for boxing up glasses and books.

Containers have to be in different sizes, so everything fits in properly. You shouldn’t have too much free space in every box, as the items will bump into each other during transportation and be more prone to damage.

However, if the containers are too small, the stuff inside is going to get crammed and possibly damaged. That’s why you should order supplies according to your home inventory list and figure out how to get the right-sized boxes.

How to Get Supplies for Free?

Some people decide to order their supplies online, while some prefer purchasing them in supply stores. However, some opt for getting their supplies for free. This isn’t highly recommended, but it is a great method to save up some money.

If you are relocating to a different place on a low budget and trying to cut off some expenses to save up money for living in another country, you can consider getting supplies for free. You can either ask your friends and family if they have some to share with you or check the local retail shops and stores. Second-hand boxes aren’t the greatest option, but it’s totally fine if you’re trying to save up some money.

You Need to Wrap Every Single Item With Protective Materials Separately

When boxing up your inventory list, don’t underestimate the importance of protecting each of your items with protecting paper or plastic wrap. Every item needs to be carefully and tightly wrapped into the protective material, especially if you are packing fragile items.

It’s going to take some time to finish this task, but it will be worth it once you realize nothing got damaged during transportation. If you have some extra packaging paper left, use it as additional padding for boxes and filling gaps between cargo. It’s going to keep everything intact.

Don’t Forget to Label Each One of Your Containers

If you ask people with experience in relocations about “What is the best method for moving?” they will probably answer – labeling. Labeling is one of the most important steps in boxing up the process since it will help you make your move efficient and organize everything much easier. For this, you’ll require some waterproof markers, stickers, and duct tape for labeling.

Labeling means writing down each box and what’s inside it, as well as leaving instructions for handling it. For example, writing down on the box ”fragile”, “this side up,” or “handle with care” will give clear instructions to the person handling your belongings. You can also label which containers are going to be put into storage. There are different types of methods you can apply when labeling, so it’s up to you to choose the one you prefer.

You Can Use Color Coding Method for Labeling Boxes

Some people find that color-coding is the easiest method to label each box. Everything is organized by rooms in your house, and each color represents one room. For example, choose red for the kitchen supplies. Then you will label each box with where you’ve packed knives, dishes, pots, pans, and other kitchenware with red color. Like this, you will know exactly what’s inside each box and avoid the unnecessary relocating stress of not knowing where you’ve put which item.

Tricks You Will Need for Packing Heavier Objects

Handling heavier and bulkier stuff during relocation can be quite complicated. That’s why you should have some special advice on this topic. Somehow people always think it’s best to put heavy stuff into larger objects, but it’s a common misconception.

The trick is to fill up the entire space while still being able to carry the packaging without it falling apart. If you don’t have the original packaging of those heavy appliances, you can probably use something else you have lying around your house.

Use Suitcases for Packing Heavy Objects

The most problematic thing about heavier objects is carrying them throughout the house and loading and unloading from the truck. We all know how easy it is to hurt yourself while lifting heavy stuff, and it is something you shouldn’t be messing around with. This is why suitcases are one of the most convenient options for carrying heavy items. If you’re not used to lifting heavier objects, the video below will show you the proper way to do it, allowing you to avoid a painful injury.

Preparing an Essentials Bag Makes the Trip and the First Few Days After Relocating Much Easier

Something most people forget about when relocating internationally is an essentials bag. This is the bag where you’re going to put all the stuff you’ll be using during your trips, such as important documents for traveling and other important belongings that should be in one place.

You should also set aside some necessary things for the first few days in your new apartment. Since you won’t be able to unbox containers the first night you get there, you should have this bag next to you. Some of the stuff you’ll want to prepare for the move-in day includes:

  • Personal hygiene and toiletries,
  • Set of fresh clothes, underwear, and PJs,
  • Chargers for your electronics,
  • All the important documents,
  • The medicine you have on a daily basis,
  • Valuable stuff,
  • Food and drinks for the road.

Remember to Clean Your New Apartment Before You Start Unboxing

Once you arrive at your new apartment, you will probably be super tired and not in the mood to do anything. We understand that your well-being comes first, but cleaning out an apartment you are about to be living in is necessary, so this task should not be avoided. After all, you can never know who used to inhabit it before you came along, so it’s better to start things fresh (pun intended).

Remember to bring with you some cleaning supplies (if you’re allowed to move them) and do some vacuuming, dusting, and sanitizing. Once everything is fresh and clean, you can finally unbox and begin settling in your new apartment.

Don’t Hesitate to Call International Moving Company To Help You Out With Relocating

Obviously, relocations can get quite frustrating, and if you are relocating abroad alone, or maybe relocating with kids, you probably won’t have time to devote yourself fully to each and every single one of these tasks. However, that should not be a problem since you can always rely on professional movers from an overseas moving company.

A reliable overseas shipping company can provide you with many services, such as international relocating by sea, which will be very beneficial, as you won’t have to worry about anything. If you do not feel like being bothered by gathering materials and learning how to pack up each one of your belongings, you can always book their packing services.

The movers will handle everything properly and organize most of the preparations for you. It’s good that you won’t have to learn stuff about relocations, and you can always ask the movers questions like “What should be moved first when moving?” and “what is marine insurance?

Relocations Aren’t Scary, but They Do Require Proper Organization

Relocating to another country is a fun and rich experience, and you shouldn’t be scared off by the fact that relocations are a lot of work. With good organizational skills, it can be a piece of cake. In the end, you can always opt to hire professional movers and sit back. Choose what fits your needs the best, and enjoy the ride!

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