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Living in Orange County means you will be in the vicinity of the Happiest Place on Earth as well as many Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, being an OC resident means you get to enjoy 40 miles of coastline and 278 sunny days a year. On top of that, you’ll be staying in a diverse area where everybody, from career chasers to families, will certainly find a place to call home.

Moving to Orange County might seem surreal at the time because the area seems too good to be true. But don’t worry. As soon as the international moving company helps you relocate there, you’ll get to enjoy palm trees, beaches, and the sight of luxurious villas. To help you speed up the whole process, we answered questions like Is Orange County a good place to live, What salary do you need to live in Orange County, and What is the best place to live in Orange County. Don’t wait up any longer to pack up your bags and relocate to this movie-like location in the heart of California.

Basic Things You Should Know About Living in Orange County CA When Moving Internationally

Moving across the world comes with many unknowns that’s why you should research and figure out the basics before undergoing a relocation process. The more information you have, the easier will be to fit in, when it comes to living in this southern California location, the basics are:

  • It is the third-most populous county in California, and it is mostly suburban.
  • It has 34 incorporated cities and more than 40 miles of coastline.
  • It has around three million residents.
  • It is famous around the globe as a surfing spot and area with great theme parks.

When Moving Abroad Consider This: There Are Some Strange Laws in Orange County

When relocating from one country to another, you should be prepared for culture shock. There will be some different people, customs, and laws. However, when relocating to CA, be prepared not only for new but also slightly bizarre laws. California is a modern and progressive state, but somehow there are still some outdated regulations. That’s why to avoid moving stress and conflicts with police, you should do your research and learn what the does and don’ts in California are:

  • You shouldn’t hunt game from a running car unless you are hunting for whales. However, keep in mind that hunting for whales is also illegal.
  • It is illegal that a woman drives dressed in a housecoat.
  • If you settle in Long Beach, know that the cars are only items allowed to be stowed in the garage. It is also illegal to curse on a mini-golf course.
  • It is forbidden for a Californian to ride a bike through a public swimming pool.
  • Residents of Dana Point can’t use their own restroom if the window is open.
Laguna Beach
Learn a thing or two about this southern location before the relocation

There Are Plenty of Places You Can Live in Besides Irvine and Anaheim

One of the main things to consider when moving to another country is where you will settle down. When you opt for relocating to CA, you will probably wonder What is the best place to live in Orange County? Considering there are many unincorporated and planned communities besides cities, you will have plenty of options to consider.

If you are relocating with your family, consider Anaheim as your next destination. The biggest OC city is the home of the “Happiest Place on Earth,” aka Disneyland and Anaheim Convention Center. Here around 45% of people are homeowners, and the median property value is $538,700.

As a master-planned city, Irvine is home to many educational institutions, making it an ideal spot for people relocating with kids. Even though this is not one of the richest cities in the world, finding a job will be easy since Irvine is a hub for many national and international companies. If you are considering buying a house abroad, know that the median home price in Irvine is $797,000.

If you are moving on a low budget and Irvine and Anaheim are a bit pricey for your taste, there are many other places to pick from. When you handle your finances, it will be easy to tell what kind of location you can afford, and your search will be slightly easier. Additionally, if the money is not the problem, and you just don’t want to stay in a crowded area, settling in the suburbs is the way to go.

What’s the Best Suburb You Can Settle In

Are you looking for the best beach town for expats? Or a location with a vibrant expat community? Some might wonder, Is it expensive to live in Orange County, and where they can find places with more affordable rents. When you start the relocation process, you should take some time to look into all the possible suburbs you can settle in because, in OC, you will have plenty of options:

  • Newport Beach is a coastal community known for Balboa Island that draws newcomers with its waterfront, many restaurants, and shops. This is also a great surfing spot with endless entertainment options. Those relocating for love and looking for a romantic setting can always take advantage of many beaches and plan unforgettable dates.
  • Laguna Beach is the art hub of OC. Its artistic roots can be seen all throughout the location because LCAD artists design even the bus stop chairs. As a cherry on top, Laguna Beach is home to amazing sandy shores and plenty of water-related activities. This means that even if you are relocating with pets, they will have numerous open spaces to run around.
  • San Clemente is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and folks relocating with pets. There are plenty of biking and hiking trails across the ridgeline and the coast. Furthermore, San Clemente is a spot with many family-owned restaurants and vibrant local communities, with a median rent of $1,850.
A cliff in the OC
There are plenty of areas where you can find a property that fits all of your needs

It’s One of the Best Places for Career Chasers

If you have even for a moment wondered Is Orange County a good place to live if you are a career chaser, know that the location is home to many Fortune 500 companies that offer plenty of employment opportunities. However, the thing you will learn when moving internationally to the US is – speaking English goes a long way no matter where you work. That’s why if you are still having trouble with it, try breaking the language barrier before relocating. Employ some useful tips for learning a new language, and you will easily master English, which will, in the grand spectrum of things, help you adjust to a new country and excel in the chosen career.

When you hire an overseas shipping company that can provide you with moving services, but also with packing, you’ll have enough free time to job-hunt. There are many companies located in OC besides Fortune 500 ones, and you can also find numerous start-ups and headquarters of many Fortune 1000 enterprises. Also, many regional headquarters for multinational and international enterprises are here. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to work for brands such as Epicor, Ingram Micro, Toyota, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz if you relocate to OC.

Landing a job means you’ll have stable incomes, but What salary do you need to live in Orange County? According to the website LivingWage, a working adult should earn at least $35,000 a year to cover all the basic expenses. Furthermore, two working adults with two kids should have a yearly household income of $87,720 to cover the basics.

Your Paycheck Will Depend on the Chosen Career

Universally, some jobs pay more than others, and CA is not an exception to that rule. There are plenty of employment opportunities, but let’s see what jobs, according to the website USAwage, pay more:

  • Natural Sciences Managers with a yearly paycheck of $152,400
  • Architectural and Engineering Managers with yearly earnings of $147,830
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers have annual salaries of $138,000
  • Other Postsecondary Social Sciences Teachers earn $137,700 annually.

Even if you land one of the highly paid jobs, you still need to balance your finances when relocating abroad. One good way to save up is to check if your new employers are willing to pay for part of shipping overseas expenses. This is one of the most important relocation questions to ask the employer, but also, don’t hesitate to ask about all the ways they can help you settle in and adapt to the environment.

A person holding a sign
If you are wondering, is Orange County a good place to live for career chasers, and the answer is yes

There Will Always Be Something Fun to Do

Let’s be honest, when you think about OC, the first thing that comes to mind is sunny weather, crystal skies, and endless, sandy beaches, but the area has to offer more than that. The US might be one of the friendliest countries in the world, and it is also the home of Disneyland, a legendary theme park that can offer entertainment for the whole family. Here you’ll get to experience thrilling and magical rides and meet favorite Disney characters.

Those that like some physically challenging activities should check out El Moro Canyon and hike five miles up and down the trails while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Also, outdoor enthusiasts should visit the Shipley Nature Center and check out butterfly houses and native plant nursery.

For more educational days, there are more than a few museums you can check out. Bowers Museum has been voted as the best OC museum for sixteen years in a row by OC Register readers. It showcases the culture of many minority groups. The next stop on your list should be the Old Courthouse Museum, where you can get a glimpse of the county’s history and see just how much things have changed from the founding until now.

If you are a foodie who likes the taste of the American West, The Ranch Restaurant should be on your must-visit list. Located in Anaheim, this eatery is greatly influenced by Texas food, and that’s why you can have everything from stakes to lamb chops here. After all that food, you should grab a cold one, and OC microbreweries are everywhere. If you don’t know which one to visit, there are more than a few tours that can guide you through essential regional breweries.

To hit all of them, you should have a car, that’s why when hiring an overseas moving company, make sure they can ship your vehicle to the desired location. When you figure out how to ship a car overseas, you can make a list of all the things you wish to see as soon as you unpack.

Living in the OC Is Worth Moving Overseas

When you are making a relocation checklist, it might dawn on you that there are many things you need to do before you can actually enjoy the sandy shores of OC. Hiring an Orange County international moving company that offers basic and additional relocation services will make the whole process easier, but the question remains: Is it all worth the trouble? Becoming a resident of California comes with many benefits. Not only that, many job opportunities will be within your reach, but you will be able to enjoy plenty of outdoor and indoor activities. The OC is vibrant and accepting, and relocating here will surely bring you a variety of opportunities to achieve your American dream.