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Are you one of those Americans planning on moving internationally to the Great White North? Then know you’re not alone because that idea occupies the minds of thousands of Americans, and many of them consider moving to Calgary. Today we’ll try to cover some basics about it, from how to get there to how cold it is, so stay tuned.

Many people move to CGY for work. If you're one of them, take a look at our guide to find out everything you should know before relocating
Is CGY going to be your new home? Take a look at our guide before booking any services and prepare yourself for international relocation

Moving overseas doesn’t have to be so complicated, especially when you’re not really moving across the world to China or Dubai, but you’re moving to Canada. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in Americans interested in how to immigrate to Canada. But it is not just Americans who are moving abroad to the Great White North. CA has been recognized as one of the friendliest countries in the world towards expats, which is why people from all over the globe want to move here, and not even a somewhat high cost of living in Canada can stop them. The majority want to live in Toronto or Vancouver, but those interested in living in Calgary didn’t make a mistake because this is one of the best places to live in Canada. Calgary’s slogan is “Be Part of the Energy,” so if you’re ready to take that step, here is some essential information you should know about it.

Things You Should Know About Calgary Before Becoming a Canadian

Stampede City and Cowtown are the most famous nicknames of this city in the western province of Alberta with a rich history in farming and a traditional stampede event that occurs every July. Today, this is the largest city in Alberta, one of 10 Canadian provinces. It owes its expansion to the fact that it’s been recognized as the Canadian center of the oil industry. Its metro area has around 1.3 million residents, which makes it the most populous city in Alberta and western CA. Cowtown lies on the confluence of two rivers, Bow and Elbow, but that’s only one of the pros. Let’s take a look at the others.

Pros of Moving to Calgary:

In case you need a bit more convincing, we curated a list of reasons why relocating here would be the right decision, so take a look and add some of them to your list of pros:

  • It is very clean. In 2007 Forbes named CGY as the cleanest city in the world. And although it’s been a while since that happened, CGY is still working very hard to maintain its good reputation in this category.
  • Skywalk system for pedestrians. We know how harsh winters can be in CA, which is why CGY went a step further by providing its residents with an optimal solution, a skywalk system. The skywalk is a network of enclosed footbridges, around 15 feet above the ground, allowing pedestrians to go around with ease because they are protected from the cold and bad weather.
  • Low sales tax. One of the advantages of living in this province is that there is no provincial sales tax. For example, those moving to Ontario pay 15% for combined state and provincial taxes, while in CGY, you only pay 5% for federal goods and services.
  • Family doctors are available. During the expansion of Cowtow’s population, there were not always enough family doctors, but that has changed. The national average is 114 physicians per 100,000 people, and CGY currently has 141 of them. Much higher number.
  • Plenty of things to do. The list of things to do in Calgary is long, so whether you’re moving with kids or pets, or are a fan of outdoor activities yourself, we’re sure you’ll love it here. From mountain biking and ziplining to testing some winter sports in the Olympic Park. Also, stunning Banff is only an hour away, so consider shipping a car overseas and exploring everything this region has to offer.

Cons of International Moving to Calgary:

Cons don’t necessarily have to be a reason to give up on moving abroad. Maybe some of them won’t even be a problem for you. These are only the information that helps you keep it real when it comes to relocation because every place has its pros and cons:

  • Overcrowded schools. If you’re moving abroad for love or to study, you probably won’t be bothered by this information. And although this is one of the best places to live abroad with family, the truth is that the suburbs are getting crowded and it might be hard to get into the school you want.
  • Traffic jams. Although CGY is not as large as some other cities, it still suffers from the same problem known as traffic congestion. So if you don’t want to end up stuck in traffic, you can rely on the local public transportation, which works pretty well.
  • High unemployment rates. We know this is not something those looking for jobs want to hear, but unemployment is an ongoing problem in CGY. This is the place with the highest unemployment rate in CA, and it is currently around 14.4%, but keep in mind that the Coronavirus outbreak increased those numbers significantly.
Take a close look at all the pros and cons of your new home
Whether you're relocating for work or love, keep in mind all the pros and cons

Moving to Calgary From US – Everything You Should Know Before Relocating to Canada

If you’re wondering how to move to another country, and that country is CA, you’re lucky because Canada offers numerous immigration programs. US citizens can stay up to 6 monthly in CA without a visa, which gives us plenty of time for job hunting. The key is to determine your goal, whether it is education or work, and find a suitable immigration program to apply to. Besides the most popular express entry program, those of you looking to move to this province also have the option to apply for the provincial nominee program.

What Is AINP

AINP stands for Alberta Immigration Nominee Program for skilled workers. Nominees have to have skills to fill job shortages in this province or to start a business. Within these programs, you can choose between streams for workers and entrepreneurs, so carefully prepare all the documents needed for moving internationally and start applying. If you’re scouting for jobs, you should also consider all the essential relocation questions to ask your employer.

People looking to immigrate and work in CGY have a few options and programs to choose from
Many people who are looking for a job position in CGY opt for AINP

Is It Expensive to Live in Calgary?

Since it is the largest and most populous city in AB, Calgary’s cost of living index is the highest in the province. But still, it is not as high as the cost of living in Vancouver, for example. Everything depends on your personal lifestyle and money management skills.

How Much Money Do You Need to Live Comfortably in Calgary?

To help you get an idea of how much you’ll need to cover all the expenses on a monthly level, we curated this chart that brings you some basic and average costs, converted in USD.

How much a single adult needs on a monthly level, without the rent

How much a family of four needs on a monthly level, without the rent


Average monthly net salary (after tax)


Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apt on a central location


Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apt outside of the center


Basic utilities for 914 square feet apt


A monthly pass for public transportation


source: Numbeo

How Much Does It Cost to Move to CGY From Other Parts of the World

Whether you’re coming from the US or Europe, shipping overseas is pricey, and the overall costs depend on the distance and amount of stuff you’re shipping. We know that planning a budget for international moving services can increase the level of your moving stress, which is why you should count in these expenses at the very beginning:

Don't forget the cost of relocation services when relocating to CGY
If you choose CGY for your new home, carefully plan your relocation budget

Can You Live in Calgary Without a Car?

Having a car can be both a blessing and a curse. The truth is, it all depends on where you settle down, how close you’re to work, schools, and so on. If you settle down close to everything you need on a daily basis, you can function without a car, especially if you’re located downtown. Suburban locations usually require a car, although they are well-connected with public transportation. When the weather is nice, you’ll notice that many rely on bikes as their main means of transportation.

All Information You Need About Public Transportation in the City

The local transit system has a network of buses and a light rail system (the CTrain) that connect all parts of CGY pretty well. A single ticket costs around $2.65 for adults, it is valid for 90 minutes, and there are discounts for children. A day pass is also available at around $8, and you can purchase a set of 10 tickets for around $26. One convenient thing is that the CTrain is free in downtown CGY, along 7th Avenue.

When the weather is nice, most locals ride a bike instead of driving a car
You can walk, ride a bike, or a car, but public transportation can also take you anywhere you want

How Cold Is It in CGY? Beware of the Chinook Wind

CGY has a humid continental climate, with some pretty cold but sunny winters. The cold season lasts around 3.7 months, from mid-November to the first days of March, but you can expect the first snowfall of the season already in September or October. The climate here is also very windy due to the prairie location. And the wind you’ll experience here is called Chinook, a hot and dry wind, coming down from the Rocky Mountains. During the winter months, this wind can raise the temperature up to stunning 30 degrees within a few hours, which is more than welcomed on those cold days.

Are you worried about the cold winters in the Great White North? Pack some warm clothes and don't worry
Don't worry too much about the winter months. A dash of Chinook can change everything within a few hours

Where to Settle Down in CGY? Tips for Choosing the Best Neighborhoods

Relocating to an unfamiliar place can be stressful, especially if you don’t know how to pick the best community and neighborhood. You need the help of an insider. Should you go north or south, close to downtown or suburbs? Take a look at this video to get some handful of tips on picking the right community.

Fun Facts and Related Stats You Should Know About CGY

To cheer you up and help you get to know your future home a bit better, we gather some interesting facts you should know before relocating. It is important to know what to pack for moving overseas and prepare all the papers, but it is also essential to gather as much information as possible from various sources.

Fun Facts and Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About CGY

Want to know CGY a bit better? Take a look at this list:

  • The local Stampede hosts the largest rodeo in the world
  • CGY is a very young city, with a median age of 36
  • This is the sunniest place in CA, with 333 average sunshine days per year
  • CGY has more volunteers per capita than any other place in CA
  • June is the rainiest month
  • You can walk 11 miles through downtown without having to be outside thanks to the Skywalk system
Relocating to CA could be one of the best decisions in your life
If you're ready for some changes, CA is waiting for you

Is Moving to Calgary a Good Idea?

Canada is home to one of the largest US expat communities. In CGY, you can find not only Americans but people from all corners of the world, especially from European countries. CGY is the third most ethnically diverse place in CA, it is a multicultural hub that has the status of one of the most livable places in the world, so it is hard to say that relocating there could be a mistake. Find your reliable international Calgary movers and schedule a free estimate today.