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    What to Expect when International to Moving to Japan

    International moving to Japan? Call Sunset International Shipping. We are your all in one, door-to-door international moving to Japan specialists. We provide air freight and ocean freight shipping to Japan. We also specialize in complete international moving to Japan solutions.

    Japan is a country composed of many islands, each offering their own unique environment.  Japan is a vibrant country full of unique technology, fashion, and culture.  If you’re at all familiar with Japan, then you’re no stranger to Tokyo, the capital of Japan, which is actually the largest metropolis in the world with an astonishing population of over 30 million residents.

    Japan has an impressive economy headlined by major companies such as Toyota, Honda, Sony, etc. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that so many people are moving to Japan for business.  Not all of Japan is like Tokyo, however. Some parts are quite the opposite of the neon-lit, crowded, never-sleeping capital.  Some parts of Japan are actually quite rural, having preserved the peaceful aspects of the original culture and way of life.

    Japan puts a great deal of value on education. If you have children it is important to know ahead of time that schools tend to be more competitive than the average school in the US.  Also, the days are longer as is the school year.  It may be a bit of an adjustment for children entering the Japanese school system after international moving to Japan.  However, there are plenty of ways for people young and old to relax and entertain themselves after a long work or school day.  Restaurants, clubs and arcades are available in metropolitan areas. Also, Sumo wrestling and martial arts are highly regarded sports in the country that are avidly followed by many.

    In regards to what to bring when international moving to Japan, it’s probably a wise idea to downsize as much as possible. Many native Japanese believe in minimalism. If you move to the city when international moving to Japan, it is also more likely that you will rent rather than own like most of the residents there. If you are international moving to Japan temporarily, or if you intend to purchase a home in the country eventually, you may wish to store some or all of your goods in the interim.

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