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    What to Expect When International Moving to Norway

    Moving overseas can seem overwhelming without the right team of specialists on your side. Sunset International Shipping is an international moving company that is dedicated to making your move to Norway easy. We provide the most trusted door-to-door overseas shipping service available for your belongings, including shipment for any vehicles you may need to take with you. Sunset International Shipping also lets you track the status of your shipment 24/7 so you can be sure your move is going according to plan.

    International Moving to Norway? Sunset International Shipping can help. We offer:

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    You may have decided to move to Norway for the high quality of life and good economy. Norway, situated in the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula in Norther Europe, is a country rich in natural beauty and wildlife. The strength of Norway’s economy makes it one of the best in the world, bolstered by oil reserves and other natural resources. If you are moving to Norway with a family you will be happy to know that the country has strong government funded healthcare and social security as well as excellent higher education. Norway has a wide variety of climates, so if you are moving there you can choose to live on the coast with a milder climate or inland where the weather can be a bit more severe. The food of Norway represents the nation’s long-standing fishing and agricultural industries.

    Oslo is Norway’s largest city and is a center for both culture and government, making it a place that you may want to consider moving to. Norwegian is the official language and it is important to learn basic Norwegian before moving so you can make a smooth transition. The official currency is the Norwegian Krone (NOK), so it is important to discuss converting your currency with an international relocation specialist. We also recommend that you contact your local Norwegian Consulate to apply for a visa before traveling to Norway.

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