The Most Essential Things You Forget to Do When You Move – We List Them, You Get Them Done

Posted How-to / June 26, 2022
Madison Rogers

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There is nothing more stressful than moving internationally. As you are preparing to start a brand new chapter abroad, there are numerous things you have to do in order to execute the move properly. But, we’ve come to your rescue. With our list of things you forget to do when you move, you can avoid making nerve-wracking mistakes. Read our tips on what to remember to do when you move.

So, you’ve decided to organize a move to another country? Even though living overseas is exciting, it can be quite overwhelming, especially for someone who is relocating for the first time. One might forget to pack certain documents, cancel services or hire trustworthy movers. Avoiding all of this is easy; all you need to do is follow our list of things to remember to do when moving and you’re all set.

Don’t Forget to Make a Moving Checklist Weeks Before the Move

A checklist is a great way to keep track of all the tasks that need to be accomplished. Sometimes sitting down and writing a to-do list seems time-consuming and redundant but trust us, it will help you tremendously. An important tip is to write it on time. Most people realize that they should have written a checklist when they are halfway through the whole process.

We recommend writing down a moving abroad checklist at least a month before the move. List the dates when important tasks need to be completed and have the list always with you. If you don’t want to always carry a piece of paper wherever you go, consider having the relocation checklist on your phone, so you can access it wherever and whenever you want to.

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Search for Reputable Relocation Companies Carefully

It can easily slip your mind that before contacting and hiring professional international movers, you first have to carry out detailed research into the companies you want to potentially hire. You might end up with no time left to search properly, which can lead you to accidentally hire a rogue mover and lose your belongings in a relocation scam.

So, what can you do so as to research relocation companies correctly? Well, first, start with online research. Read all the available websites, testimonials, reviews, and comments, and check youtube videos for potential video reviews. However, the search doesn’t stop there. Check if the companies are legitimate, too. Do this by visiting the FMCSA website, where you can find the company’s US DOT number and its safety rating and complaint history.

Write an Inventory List of Your Things Before Contacting the International Moving Company

People often tend to forget to make a list of all the belongings they will be packing before reaching out to the international mover. However, if you want to speed up the process of deciding who to hire, write down an inventory list.

Go from room to room in your house and write down everything you will be shipping overseas. This will allow the overseas shipping company to give you an accurate estimate. You will also have an opportunity to request full or partial packing services.

Also, the agents will inform you whether moving internationally by air or perhaps moving internationally by sea would be the best option based on your budget. The first option is for customers who want to move efficiently and in as little time as possible. However, individuals who are relocating on a tight budget should choose the second option.

Prepare Your Vehicle, If You’ll Be Shipping It to the New Address

In case you have chosen to request overseas vehicle shipping services, you’re obliged to prepare your car for the trip. When the hectic preparation for moving overseas starts, no one pays attention to their car. What is more, you need your car on a daily basis in order to take care of all the errands before relocation. But, we are here to remind you what needs to be done so that the car can be safely transported. Here is what to remember to do when you move.

Take Photos of Your Car

Yes, document the condition of your car by taking pictures of every damaged area, dents, and scratches. When the car gets shipped to the new address, you can immediately inspect it and see if it’s damage-free.

Remove Any Passes and Toll Tags

Deactivate or simply remove any toll devices that might be attached to your windshield. You can never know whether you’ll get charged for a toll during the transportation of the vehicle.

Remove Any Loose Items or Parts

Unnecessary loose parts on the vehicle will only make it difficult for movers to strap it and load it on the carrier. What you want to remove are luggage and bicycle racks, GPS systems, removable stereo speakers, and any items you’ve added on the inside or outside after the purchase.

The Fuel Level Should Be Reduced to ⅛ of a Tank

The carriers movers use for vehicle transportation have a limit on how much fuel can be in the car for safety reasons. So, make sure to have only ⅛ of a tank filled.

Disable the Alarm

It is necessary to disable the alarm since it can be activated inadvertently during transportation. This can be simply avoided by deactivating it before shipping your car overseas.

Wash the Vehicle Thoroughly

It is much easier to see in what condition the vehicle is when it’s clean. So, make sure to pay for a car wash or wash the vehicle yourself before handing it over to the movers.

Put All the Necessary Documents in One Place

Upon gathering all the documentation needed to travel abroad, people usually don’t pay attention to where they leave them. This can easily cause many to lose track of their important paperwork. But, this can be easily avoided. What one should do is choose a place in your home where all of your necessary documents will be placed. This can be a bag, suitcase, or shelf so everything will be easily accessible. Choose a place and put documents such as passport, visa, work permit, birth certificate, marriage certificates, insurance documents, and driver’s license there.

Collect Your Children’s School and Medical Records

Along with all the documentation that is necessary for traveling and starting life in another country, it might not occur to you that your kids will require paperwork to enroll in the new school. So, here is a reminder when relocating with kids collect all the school records of your children before the move. They will require their diplomas and certificates so as to continue their education in a foreign country.

Also, medical records are needed for any type of treatment when you move, so make sure to contact the physician and request medical, vision, and dental records. It would be beneficial to contact the pediatrician and ask to stock up on prescriptions in case it takes a while till you find the right pediatrician overseas.

Here’s a Free Bit of Advice – Cancel Utility Services

No one ever thinks about utility services in their name until they get a bill for services they didn’t use. If you don’t want this awkward and frustrating situation to happen to you, contact utility providers and close your account. It would be best to contact them two or three weeks in advance to terminate the account. It’s also possible to fill out an online termination request, too. You will have to return any company’s equipment that is still in your home and provide them with information such as:

  • Account number,
  • Your full name,
  • The date of your move,
  • Address for your final bill,
  • Social Security Number.

Among important relocation tips is to check with the providers if there are any unsettled bills. Make sure that you don’t leave your home without settling bills or outstanding balances.

Cancel Memberships and Subscriptions

It’s quite easy to get caught up in the organization process. Some tasks don’t seem to be a priority, and people usually avoid accomplishing them altogether. So, many people just don’t care enough to go and cancel their gym or yoga class membership. However, it would be best to cancel monthly memberships at the gym on time, especially if you have agreed that the gym can deduct money from your credit card every month. Also, cancel any newspaper and magazine subscriptions. You’ll soon adjust to living in a foreign country and find new magazines and newspapers to subscribe to.

Change the Address at the Local Post Office Before You Leave

For domestic moves, one can choose between two options when changing the address. The first option is to fill out a Change of Address form online, and the other option is to fill out a form at the local post office. For international moves, it is not possible to fill out an online form. You’re required to go to the local post office and fill out the PS form 3575.

In case you are wondering – what should you not do when moving, we recommend not waiting to leave the US to change the address. Do this while you are still in the US since the process is more complicated if you wish to change the address after you move to the new city.

Remember to Pack Essential Items

What should you not forget when moving house? Are the cardboard boxes properly taped, stuffed with packing paper, and labeled? Still, there are some essential things people neglect to pack. You don’t want to be left high and dry once all of your stuff is loaded into the truck. That is why packing an essentials bag is of utmost importance. There you can place all of the items that can easily be forgotten or misplaced.

What is more, the bag should contain items that you require during the entire relocation process. So, make sure to put in the essentials bag things you forget to pack, such as phone chargers, keys, wallets, basic toiletries, kitchen utensils, medicine, children’s favorite toys, snacks, glasses, and a change of clothes.

Watch this video and find out more about moving hacks and tips as well as how to pack an essentials bag.

Clean Your Entire House or Apartment

You’ll be leaving all the memories in your old home and relocating across the world. Even though the date of the move is approaching, there is still a task everyone always neglects. Cleaning up your entire house or apartment after you’ve packed seems unimportant, but if you want to get your deposit back or find a buyer for the home in a flash, the best thing to do is to restore the shine to hardwood floors and bring back the carpet to its original color. In case there is not enough time to buy all the necessary cleaning products and scrub all the floors, one can opt for investing in professional cleaning services.

With This List of Things You Forget to Do When You Move, You Won’t Make Any Mistakes

As challenging as it may seem, an international move can be easily executed by following our tips. When you know that certain tasks can be easily forgotten, grab your smartphone or a piece of paper and write down what needs to be done. In this way, you won’t wonder – what should you move first when moving? We recommend that you remember to pack an essentials bag, research every detail about the overseas moving company you want to hire and collect all the necessary documentation. The sooner you complete these tasks, the better. So start preparing now and see how manageable everything really is.

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